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June 21, 2011

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Boise, ID (June 21, 2011) - UPDATED 4:55 PM - Live scoring updates from Day Two of the 2011 US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships, being held at Simplot Sports Complex in Boise, Idaho from June 20-26. Preliminary matches began yesterday and run through Wednesday, with each team in each age bracket playing three matches. Quarterfinals will occur on Friday, June 24, semi-finals on Saturday, June 25, and the finals on Sunday, June 26.

Cal South has 34 teams taking part in the 2011 Far West Regionals -- 16 Cal South National Cup champions and 18 other teams that were either selected as wild cards or earned their spots via their success in the Far West Regional League. Cal South teams U14 through U19 who win at the Far West Regionals will then get to represent Cal South and Region IV in the 2011 US Youth Soccer National Championships in Phoenix, Arizona from July 26-31.

Be sure to keep checking back here throughout the tournament to keep up with your favorite teams. You can also click here for a full flight breakdown and schedule overview on the official US Youth Soccer Far West Regional site.

Click here for scores from Day One of the Far West Regionals


PRELIMINARY GAMES - Day Two | Tuesday, June 21, 2011
All times MT
Time Bracket Home Team Score Away Team Score
8:00 AM GU13 Arsenal FC (Cal South) 4 vs. Blitz FC Orange (HI) 3
8:00 AM BU15 South Coast Bayern (Cal South) 1 vs. Neusport Green (NV) 3
8:00 AM BU15 Laguna Niguel SC Blue (Cal South) 6 vs. Maui United SC (HI) 1
8:00 AM GU15 Slammers FC (Cal South) 3 vs. Black Diamond SC (UT) 2
8:00 AM GU15 So Cal Blues (Cal South) 7 vs. CISC Velocity (AK) 0
8:00 AM BU18 Rush Nike (HI) 0 vs. United FC Black (Cal South) 4
8:00 AM BU19 Oxnard United SC (Cal South) 1 vs. Las Vegas Premier (NV) 0
9:30 AM BU12 Pateadores (Cal South) 1 vs. CFC Real Madrid (OR) 2
10:00 AM BU15 San Diego Surf Academy (Cal South) 5 vs. WAFC Arsenal (OR) 2
10:00 AM GU15 Beach SC White (Cal South) 0 vs. Foothill MVLA Lightning (CN) 3
10:00 AM BU18 Guadalajara Tapatio (CO) 0 vs. Irvine Soccer Academy Matrix (Cal South) 2
10:00 AM GU18 Real So Cal White (Cal South) 9 vs. RVSC Fusion (OR) 0
11:00 AM GU12 Celtic Storm Premier (UT) 0 vs. Eagles SC (Cal South) 10
11:00 AM GU12 United SA Extreme (OR) 0 vs. San Diego Surf White (Cal South) 4
12:00 PM GU17 San Diego Surf White (Cal South) 2 vs. Crossfire Premier (WA) 2
12:00 PM GU17 So Cal Blues (Cal South) 1 vs. Rio Vista FC (NM) 0
12:00 PM GU17 Legends FC (Cal South) 5 vs. TSA Red (AZ) 0
12:00 PM GU18 So Cal Blues (Cal South) 4 vs. Neusport FC Green (NV) 1
12:00 PM GU18 Eagles SC (Cal South) 5 vs. Seattle United Copa (WA) 2
12:00 PM GU19 So Cal Blues (Cal South) 3 vs. Sereno White (AZ) 3
12:00 PM GU19 Rio Vista FC (NM) 1 vs. Slammers FC (Cal South) 2
12:30 PM BU13 South Bay Gunners (Cal South) 3 vs. Crossfire Premier (WA) 2
2:00 PM GU14 LaRoca PO (UT) 2 vs. So Cal Blues (Cal South) 3
2:00 PM GU14 MVLA Mercury Black (CN) 0 vs. West Coast FC (Cal South) 3
2:00 PM BU16 Albion White (Cal South) 3 vs. Rush Nike Stingers (NM) 0
3:30 PM GU14 CISC Velocity Blue (AK) 0 vs. Arsenal FC (Cal South) 0
4:00 PM BU14 Fullerton Rangers White (Cal South) 6 vs. Rio Vista FC (NM) 0
4:00 PM BU14 Sparta Premier (UT) 2 vs. Real So Cal (Cal South) 2
4:00 PM BU14 HSC Bulls Ka'ula (HI) 0 vs. Cosmos Academy West (Cal South) 2
4:00 PM BU16 Eagles SC (Cal South) 2 vs. Sereno White (AZ) 1
4:00 PM GU16 San Diego Surf White (Cal South) 0 vs. Real Colorado National (CO) 2
4:00 PM GU16 AUFC Fusion (NM) 1 vs. Legends Breakaway (Cal South) 2
4:00 PM BU17 Pateadores (Cal South) 3 vs. California Central Blues (Cal South) 1


About the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series
The US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides more than 10,000 teams from US Youth Soccer's 55 State Associations the opportunity to showcase their abilities against the best in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play. The yearlong competition begins with over 185,000 players in the US Youth Soccer State Championships. These champions and selected wildcard teams, through US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues, advance to compete in one of four the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships. Champions (U-14 through U-19) from each regional event advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships. The Under-15 through 17 Boys and Girls age groups have two teams representative of the US Youth Soccer National League, in which the top two teams in each gender age group earn a direct path to the national championships. Overall the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides the nation's top collegiate coaches with the premier stage to identify and scout the most coveted players in the country.