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July 20, 2009

GU15 So Cal Rush, BU15 Santa Barbara SC & GU17 CFC United Each Take 2nd

Girls Champions Boys Champions
Under-14: Little Illini (IL)
Under-15: Kosmos Fire (E-NY)
Under-16: MSC Lady Strikers (TN)
Under-17: Sachem FC (MA)
Under-14: Los Alamitos Titans (CA-S)
Under-15: Thunder United (S-TX)
Under-16: Crusaders United (MA)
Under-17: Spartans FC (MD)

RALEIGH, N.C. (July 19, 2009) -
Eight champions in the Under-14 through Under-17 Boys and Girls age groups have been named at the 2009 US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup Finals. Cheers were heard throughout the WRAL Soccer Complex in Raleigh, N.C., as teams competed in the final matches of the tournament looking for positive results.

Here's a recap of the championship matches…

Under-14 Boys
In the first day of round robin games, Cal South's Los Alamitos Titans and Hurst United FC (N-TX) ended with a 4-3 score in favor of Hurst, a team that went undefeated through round robin. The two teams met again in the championships match, but the results greatly differed. The Titans had control of the game with goals in the 26th and 44th minutes by Mario Cruz and Javier Hernandez. Hurst knocked one past the keeper in the 51st minute and Alejandro Martinez secured Titans' 3-1 victory in stoppage time.

Under-15 Boys
Thunder United (S-TX) Under-15 Boys traveled to the Presidents Cup Finals looking to give their all on the field and travel home with title of champion. They made it to the championship match where they faced Cal South's Santa Barbara, a team that was undefeated through the preliminaries. Thunder's Javier Lopez had a 10th minute shot for a 1-0 score early on. Neither team was able to finish and Thunder held onto the 1-0 lead for the victory.

Under-16 Boys
Crusaders United (MA) and Mako United (FL) tied in round robin play 2-2 and today's championship match was no different, only today they were able to battle it out to determine a winner. Tyler Savonen (51:00) and Andrew Sheridan (78:00) scored for Crusaders and Jonathan Quintero (26:00) and Jermaine Hibbert (70:00) scored for Mako. At the end of overtime the score was still deadlocked sending it to PKs where Crusaders ended victoriously 5-4.

Under-17 Boys
Spartans FC (MD) took a 4-1 victory in the Under-17 Boys match-up with Indian Magic (IN). Bryant Venture (20:00), Royer Rosales (38:00) (80:00) and Michael Benavides (85:00) all scored for Spartans.

Under-14 Girls

Little Illini (IL) and Premier FC (WA) Under-14 Girls faced each other in the last game of round robin play yesterday with Premier walking away with a 2-1 win. As the teams met for the championship match, Illini was ready for their competition. Dagny Olson had back to back goals in the 29th and 31st minutes with Jenna Ayers completing Illini's third goal in the 43rd minute. Premier was unable to finish for Illini to take the 3-0 win.

Under-15 Girls
Cal South's So Cal Rush Under-15 Girls were seated in first place during round robin play, with Kosmos Fire (E-NY) in second. The two teams met in the championship match where the Kosmos had two early goals from Shannon Murphy (4:00) and Stephanie Morini (12:00). Rush's Aliyah Brown brought the score to 2-1 with a 35th minute goal and teammate Megan Morgenstern tied it up in the 52nd minute. In overtime, both teams finished, Kosmos' Brittany Muller in the 92nd minute and Morgenstern in the 110th minute for Rush for a 3-3 tie. PKs determined the match with Kosmos coming out on top, 5-4 for the championship title.

Under-16 Girls
West Michigan Fire Jrs (MI) Under-16 Girls were undefeated through preliminary games as they entered the championship match against MSC Lady Strikers (TN). Knowing the challenge they were facing, the Strikers' Lauren Bennett netted one in the 8th minute for the early 1-0 lead. The Fire's Lindsey Beiri evened the score in the 53rd minute, but Brooke Zeis gave the Strikers the upper-hand in the 59th minute. Morgan Thomason finalized the Strikers 3-1 victory and right to be called Presidents Cup Finals Champions in the 66th minute.

Under-17 Girls
Cal South's CFC United was looking to continue their record of being undefeated through the Presidents Cup Finals, but Sachem FC (MA) had other plans. Neither team was able to put one away until the 55th minute when Sachem's Kristina Braga netted one, and five minutes later, Courtney Garrity hit the CFC equalizer in the 60th minute. It was an own goal in the 100th minute that gave Sachem the 2-1 victory.
Results from Presidents Cup Finals | Championship and Consolation matches
Under-14 Girls
Little Illini (IL) 3, Premier FC (WA) 0
Goal Scorers: Illini: Dagny Olson (29:00) (31:00), Jenna Ayers (43:00)

FC Stars of Mass (MA) 0, Greenville Stars (NC) 0

Under-15 Girls
Kosmos Fire (E-NY) 3,
Rush (CA-S) 3 - PKs 5-4
Goal Scorers: Kosmos: Shannon Murphy (4:00), Stephanie Morini (12:00), Brittany Muller (92:00)
Rush: Aliyah Brown (35:00), Megan Morgenstern (52:00) (110:00)

Invaders (IN) 1, Albion Hurricane (S-TX) 1
Goal Scorers: Invaders: Katherine Magliolo (39:00)
Albion: Tori Karr (19:00)

Under-16 Girls
MSC Lady Strikers (TN) 3,
West Michigan Fire Jrs. (MI) 1
Goal Scorers: Strikers: Lauren Bennett (8:00), Brooke Zeis (59:00), Morgan Thomason (66:00)
Fire: Lindsey Beiri (53:00)

Wall Inferno (NJ) 1, Snohomish United (WA) 0
Goals Scorers: Inferno: Claire Donohue (77:00)

Under-17 Girls:
Sachem FC (MA) 2,
CFC United (CA-S) 1
Goals Scorers: Sachem: Kristina Braga (55:00), Own Goal (100:00)
CFC: Courtney Garrity (60:00)

New Bern SC (NC) 0, FC Dallas 92 (N-TX) 0

Under-14 Boys:
Los Alamitos Titans (CA-S) 3,
Hurst United FC (N-TX) 1
Goals Scorers: Titans: Mario Cruz (26:00), Javier Hernandez (44:00), Alejandro Martinez (70:00+)
Hurst: Unknown (51:00)

Rolla Knights (MO) 0, Wilson Jr. Soccer Club (N-TX) 0

Under-15 Boys
Thunder United (S-TX) 1,
Santa Barbara SC (CA-S) 0
Goals Scorers: Thunder: Javier Lopez (10:00)

Scott Gallagher (MO) 1, Lake Grove Vipers (E-NY) 1
Goals Scorers: Gallagher: Anthony Pritchett (5:00)
Vipers: Unknown (63:00)

Under-16 Boys
Crusaders United (MA) 2,
Mako United (FL) 2 - PKs 5-4
Goals Scorers: Crusaders: Tyler Savonen (51:00), Andrew Sheridan (78:00)
Mako: Jonathan Quintero (26:00), Jermaine Hibbert (70:00)

Bakersfield Brigade (CA-S) 3, NWI United (IN) 0
Goals Scorers: Bakersfield: Freddy Reyes (3:00), Joshua Ramirez (37:00), Juan Olivares Jr. (54:00)

Under-17 Boys
Spartans FC (MD) 4,
Indiana Magic (IN) 1
Goals Scorers: Spartans: Bryant Ventura (20:00), Royer Rosales (38:00) (80:00), Michael Benavides (58:00)
Magic: Unknown

Conquist America (CA-S) 8, CASL Premier (NC) 0
Goals Scorers: Conquist: Efren Cordova (1:00) (12:00) (40:00), Adrian Esparza (27:00) (57:00), Onesimo Ruiz Jr. (52:00), Luis Astorga (85:00), Marco Perez (86:00)

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