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December 28, 2016

FULLERTON, Calif. (Wednesday, December 28, 2016) -  Cal South PRO+ has announced the rosters for its 2000-2001-2002-2003-2004 Boys and Girls PRO+ | Olympic Development Program (ODP) teams that will represent Southern California at the US Youth Soccer Region IV ODP Championships from January 4-8, 2017 at the Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix. Cal South will compete with the other 13 Western states that make up US Youth Soccer's Region IV for the 2017 Region IV ODP Championships. The schedule for all games can be found below. 

Cal South PRO+/ODP teams have won an astounding 76 of a possible 96 Regional Championships for which it has competed in the last nine years, and 39 out of 44 in the past four years, including 9 out of 10 titles in both 2012, 2013 and 10 out of 10 in 2014, 2015.

"I always put the success of our PRO+ | ODP teams at these events 100% on the fantastic clubs and coaches throughout Cal South who train these players day to day," said Steve Hoffman, Cal South's Director of Coaching Education and Player Development. "It is because of all their remarkable efforts in guiding and developing these players that Cal South PRO+|ODP gets an opportunity to show the rest of the country, on both a regional and national level, how rich Southern California is in soccer talent."

"I feel that every club that has a player in the PRO+ Program and not just the Players traveling to Phoenix for the 2017 USYS ODP Regional Championships, but in our overall player pools throughout the year is what makes Cal South Pro+ the National success it is. All of our clubs, coaches and parents should be proud of the job they are doing with player development."

Teams in the 2000 and 2001 Boys and Girls age groups are competing for a chance to move on to the 2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Championships from March 2nd through 5th, also at the Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix.

"We tell our players the same thing every year: ‘performance equals success,’” Hoffman continued. "If you consistently play well and to your full potential, the results will be there."

Cal South congratulates all its talented PRO+|ODP players that have made the rosters for this competition, and wishes them the best of luck in Phoenix!

Cal South PRO+|ODP 2000 Boys
Goalkeepers: Ivan Lumbrano (Oxnard Waves SC), Colton Theaker (Santa Barbara SC)
Defenders: Diego Caballero (Crescenta Valley SC), Luis Hernandez (Santa Monica Utd), Braulio Roque (Crescenta Valley SC), Evan Zamora (Crescenta Valley SC), Jose Reyes (Santa Barbara SC)
Midfielders: Jordan Sime Tagne (Crescenta Valley SC), Praise Maduekwe (Temecula Hawks SC), Javier Sanchez (Oxnard Waves SC), Robert Rodriguez (Crescenta Valley SC), Andres Sandoval (LA United FA),
Jack Monach (LA Galaxy OC)
Forwards: Aiden Cuevas (Santa Monica United), Andy Garcia (Del Mar Sharks), Jarren Culpepper (West Coast), Christian Zavala (FC Long Beach), Nicholas Barrera (West Coast FC)
Coaches: Steve Hoffman, Christian Jimenez, Mikey Enfield   

Cal South PRO+|ODP Boys 2001
Goalkeepers: Alan Vasquez (TBD), Jose Estrada (Fullerton Rangers)
Defenders: Julian Araujo (Santa Barbara SC), Jose Olmos (Strikers South bay Black), Eugene Van Der Watt (West Coast FC), Koosha Jadbabaei (West Coast FC), Trevor Bambanian (LA Premier FC)
Midfielders: Diego Aragon (AC Brea), Jaylen Magana (Bakersfield Legacy), Abubakar Fofanah Santa Barbara SC), Frank Daroma (Santa Barbara SC), Gabriel Arredondo (Empire Soccer Club), Ryan Candelario (AC Brea)
Forwards: Brandon Garcia (Santa Barbara SC), Bryant Lobato (Oxnard Pal), Daniel Martinez-Barry (Strikers FC North), Tanner Nelson (Fram SC), Angel Franco (West Coast FC)
Coaches: Joey Hoffman, Barry Ritson

Cal South PRO+|ODP Boys 2002
Goalkeepers: David Mitzner (Boca Juniors OC), Joey Diaz (West Coast FC)
Defenders: Alan Enriquez (LA Esperanza SC), Ethan Zamora (Oxnard Pal), Jose Granados (West Coast FC), Justin Carreon (Rebels SC), Alex Magana (Freedom SC)
Midfielders: Brian Lima (Antelope Valley SC), JP Melgoza (Oxnard Pal), Tyler Oakson (West Coast FC), Diego Rivera (Chula Vista FC), Marcel Salceda (West Coast FC), Michael Sedano (Boca Juniors OC)
Forwards: Osvaldo Becerril-Garcia (LA Esperanza SC), Andrew Resendiz (Boca Juniors OC), Juan Carlos Torres (LA Esperanza SC), Ruben Cazales (West Coast FC), Jose Salgado (Attack FC)
Coaches: Guillermo “Memo” Medina, Romeo Aguinaldo  

Cal South PRO+|ODP Boys 2003
Goalkeepers: Steven Ruiz (TFA) Saul Gomez (TFA)
Defenders: Palmer Banks (DMS 11) Carlos Soto (Celtic) Finn Mahoney (San Diego SC) Eric Reyes (CDA Slammers) Emmanuel Solis (Oxnard Utd) Mikey Laderer (Laguna Utd)
Midfielders: Fletcher Banks (DMS 11) Alejandro Solis (Oxnard Utd) Edwardo Villeda (CDA Slammers) Carlie Wittenberg (FCLA)
Forwards: Felix Barajas (Valley United Strikers) Matthew McGrew (DMS11) Jadyn Sanchez (OC Boca Jrs) Joshan Darji (San Diego SC) Ricardo Benitez (Strikers SC) Aaron Soriano (LA Galaxy)
Coaches: Jim Lagan, Ben Fox

Cal South PRO+|ODP Boys 2004
: Christopher Dinsay (Fullerton Slammers) Miguel Hernandez (Celtic)
Defenders: Shia Clayton (Bakersfield United) Johnathan Martinez (FC Golden State East) Tyler Barton (Del Mar Sharks) Thomas Miller (Albion SC) Francisco Barrientos (Rebels FC) Anderson Holt (Rebels FC)
Midfielders: Walter Portales (Culver City FC) Sebastian Rincon (Santa Monica United) Oren Stuppel   Samani Villanueva Mateo Pacelli (Del Mar Sharks) Spencer Lewis (Temecula Hawks)
Forwards: Cesar Bahena (TFA) Stefano Brunetto (Del Mar Sharks) Jonathan Santillan (OC Boca Jr) Tristen Wouters (SLO Fire)
Coaches: Jeremy Healey, Nick Garcia
Boys Head Goalkeeping: Coach Andrew Britton

Cal South PRO+|ODP Girls 2000
Goalkeepers: Mattison Interian (Slammers FC), Avrie Fox (LA Galaxy SB)
Defenders: Kailey Smith (West Coast FC), Sydney Sparks (TBD), Sierra Enge (So Cal Blues), Hannah Alfaro (West Coast FC), Jalyn Lupo (Albion SC), Luisa Delgado-Heinz (Real So Cal)
Midfielders: Amber Huff (San Diego United), Amethyst Trang (Arsenal FC), Jenna Nighswonger (Slammers FC), Amber McCorkie (TBD), Isabel Dehakiz (Legends FC), Jacqueline Bruder (Real So Cal)
Forwards: Sara Jayne Affleck (TBD), Molly Myers (Oceanside Breakers), Helen Burke (Eagles SC), Zoe Hasenauer (Real So Cal)
Coaches; John Napier, Tony Bruce

Cal South PRO+|ODP Girls 2001
Goalkeepers: Clarissa Grajeda (Eagles SC), Clarissa Ramirez (Slammers FC)
Defenders: Madison Curry (TBD), Brianna Guerra (Slammers FC), Sierra Dunphy (TBD), Kate Wiesner (TBD), Jordyn Gather (So Cal Blues), Kennedy Wesley (So Cal Blues)
Midfielders: Alexandra Palangi (Eagles SC), Chloe Ragon (West Coast FC), Samantha Williams (TBD), Madison Mercado (TBD), Sage Robledo (Legends FC)
Forwards: Laney Carroll (Legends FC), Malia Faramarzi (West Coast FC), Sarai Zedingil (Beach FC), Lilli Rask (Slammers FC), Savianna Gomez (Beach FC)
Coaches: Michelle Myers, Jenifer Tanaka

Cal South PRO+|ODP Girls 2002
Goalkeepers: Lucy Hayward (Beach FC), Chloe Romney (Arsenal FC)
Defenders: Kiera Smeenge (Rebels SC), Acacia Vanlandingham (San Diego Surf), Mia Guerro (TBD) Alyssa Romero (Arsenal Fc) Nya Harrison(TBD)
Midfielders: Hailey Mossmer (TBD), Angelina Espinal (Rebels FC), Alexa Gonzalez (Arsenal FC), Hope Paredes (Arsenal FC), Sydney Sharts (Eagles SC), Isabel Loza (Arsenal FC)
Forwards: Shayra James (Liverpool SC), Indira “Ashley” Vera (Eagles SC), Rachel Rosen (LA Galaxy South Bay), Cordelia Cross (LA Premier FC), McKenna Carbon (West Coast FC)
Coaches: Chris Sydney, Justine Sauder

Cal South PRO+|ODP Girls 2003
: Nona Reason (SD Surf) Abigail Ito (Legends FC)
Defenders: Lindsey Chau (Pateadors IER) Danielle Pinada (Fullerton Rangers) Sierra Nickelberry (So Cal Blues) Cailey Jackson (Arsenal North) Brooklyn Antonucci (Arsenal FC) Karissa Macias (Arsenal North) Alessa Sampson (Arsenal FC)
Midfielders: Toni Hagan (Galaxy SB) Ava Verplancke (So Cal Blues) Jacqueline Mendoza (Strikers OC) Liberty Faith Ortiz (Freedom FC) Ally Lemos (Slammers FC)
Forwards: Tatum Wyanalda (Real So Cal) Kendell Campbell (Real So Cal) Ashley Thompson (Real So Cal) Savannah Holley (So Cal Blues)
Coaches: Iannis Vlahos, Mike Smith

Cal South PRO+|ODP Girls 2004
: Hanna Arneson (Legends FC) Kira Ybarra (Slammers FC)
Defenders: Tatianna Banihashemi (Real So Cal) Trinity Coker (San Diego SC) Courtney Boone (Arsenal FC) Maya Griffen (Arsenal FC)
Midfielders: Marissa Garcia (Legends FC) Mackenzie MacMillan (Strikers FC) Makenna Dominguez (CZ Elite) Sara Ybarra (FC Golden State) Jessica Carlton (So Cal Blues) Ashley Torres (Real So Cal) Gianna Depriest (Beach FC)
Forwards: Makenna Dominguez (CZ Elite) Sara Ybarra (FC Golden State) Kayla Colbert (Arsenal FC) Simone Jackson (So Cal Blues) Velize King (Legends FC) Sara Funk (Albion SC)
Coaches: Mike Chin, Jaymie Baquero
Girls Goalkeeping Coach: Alexis Macias

8:00 AM 2002B/A Cal South Washington
8:00 AM 2003B/A Idaho Cal South
8:00 AM 2004B/D Arizona WC Cal South
10:00 AM 2000B/C Idaho Cal South
10:00 AM 2001B/B Cal South Arizona
12:00 PM 2000G/A Alaska Cal South
12:00 PM 2003G/B Hawaii Cal South
12:00 PM 2004G/A Cal South New Mexico
2:00 PM 2001G/C Cal South Nevada
2:00 PM 2002G/B Cal South Alaska
4:00 PM 2000B/C Cal North Cal South
4:00 PM 2001B/B Idaho Cal South
4:00 PM 2002B/A Cal South New Mexico
4:00 PM 2003B/A Cal South Oregon WC
4:00 PM 2004B/D Nevada Cal South

8:00 AM 2000G/A Cal South Arizona
8:00 AM 2002G/B Arizona Cal South
8:00 AM 2003G/B Cal South Utah
10:00 AM 2001G/C Idaho Cal South
10:00 AM 2004G/A Oregon Cal South
12:00 PM 2002B/A Oregon Cal South
12:00 PM 2003B/A Alaska Cal South
12:00 PM 2004B/D Cal South Montana
2:00 PM 2000B/C Utah Cal South
2:00 PM 2001B/B Cal South Eastern Washington
4:00 PM 2000G/A Eastern Washington Cal South
4:00 PM 2003G/B Idaho Cal South
6:00 PM 2001G/C Colorado Cal South
6:00 PM 2002G/B Cal South Washington
6:00 PM 2004G/A Cal South Arizona