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June 18, 2010

Medford, OR (June 18, 2010) - UPDATED 7:45 PM This is your place for live scoring updates from Day Two of the 2010 US Youth Soccer Region IV Presidents Cup. Preliminary matches for the tournament began yesterday (Thursday, June 17) and will be played through Saturday, June 19, with each team in each age bracket playing three matches (except for the BU15 bracket, where four preliminary matches are played). The finals for the Region IV Presidents Cup will be held on Sunday, June 20.

Cal South's record after the opening day of the preliminaries stands at 18 wins, 2 draws and only 1 loss. Cal South teams outscored their opponents by an cumulative total of 86-15. For all of the scores from Day One, please click here.

Cal South has 19 teams - 10 Cal South State Cup champions and 9 wild cards - in the Region IV Presidents Cup. Cal South teams U14 through U17 who win the Region IV Presidents Cup will then represent Cal South and Region IV in the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup National Finals in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to be held July 8-11, 2010.

Be sure to keep checking back here throughout the tournament to keep up with your favorite teams. You can also go to for a full flight breakdown and schedule overview.


PRELIMINARY GAMES - Day Two | Friday, June 18, 2010
Time Bracket Home Team Score Away Team Score
10:00 AM GU13 Eastside FC (WA) 0 vs. Laguna Hills Eclipse (CS) 2
10:00 AM GU13 Tustin United Red (CS WC) 2 vs. Crossfire Premier Stengrund (WA WC) 0
12:00 PM GU13 Eclipse (AK) 0 vs. Chelsea Black (CS WC) 5
12:00 PM GU15 RVSC Dream Team (OR WC) 2 vs. Fram CQ (CS) 4
12:00 PM GU15 EMFC Havoc (OR WC) 0 vs. Palmdale Thunder (CS WC) 3
2:00 PM GU14 Bombers (UT) 0 vs. PVSC Exiles (CS) 3
2:00 PM GU16 Real Colorado Red (CO) 1 vs. South Bay Force Blue (CS) 3
2:00 PM BU17 So Cal Rush Nike (CS) 4 vs. Pikes Peak Rush Swoosh (CO) 0
2:00 PM GU17 Colorado Edge (CO) 0 vs. Simi Valley SC Eclipse (CS) 4
2:00 PM GU17 Laguna Niguel SC (CS WC) 0 vs. Eastside FC (WA) 7
4:00 PM BU13 Park City SC Red (UT) 0 vs. South Bay Force Black (CS) 7
4:00 PM BU14 Real Boise CF (ID) 1 vs. AVSC Ambush (CS) 10
4:00 PM BU16 Downtown Rapids (NV) 3 vs. Apple Valley Soccer Storm (CS WC) 3
4:00 PM BU16 Colorado United Blue (CO) 1 vs. San Diego United FC (CS) 1
6:00 PM BU13 Real Colorado (CO) 0 Coachella Valley Chivas (CS WC) 7
6:00 PM BU14 OSC Rage Orange (CS) 2 vs. Colorado Fusion Mundial (CO) 0
6:00 PM BU15 OSSA Black (OR) 0 vs. Riverside MGFM Juventus (CS) 2
6:00 PM BU15 Fusion FC SP (UT) 0 vs. Hemet Juventus (CS WC) 2
6:00 PM GU16 Columbia Timbers (WA WC) Forfeit vs. Vikings SC United (CS WC) W


PRELIMINARY GAMES - Day Three | Saturday, June 19, 2010
8:00 AM GU15 WSC Flash KS (UT WC) v. Fram CQ (CS)
8:00 AM BU16 THUSC Kryptonite (OR WC) v. Apple Valley Soccer Storm (CS WC)
8:00 AM BU16 CFC Juventus (OR WC) v. San Diego United FC (CS)

10:00 AM GU13 Roseburg Firestorm (OR WC) v. Chelsea Black (CS WC)
10:00 AM BU15 Riverside MGFM Juventus (CS) v. TMSFC Alliance (AZ)
10:00 AM BU15 Real Colorado Red (CO) v. Hemet Juventus (CS WC)
10:00 AM GU15 Palmdale Thunder (CS WC) v. Scottsdale Blackhawks Red (AZ)
10:00 AM GU16 South Bay Force Blue (CS) v. FC Portland (OR)
10:00 AM GU16 Vikings SC United (CS WC) v. WSM Fusion (OR WC)

12:00 PM GU13 Colorado Edge Black (CO) v. Laguna Hills Eclipse (CS)
12:00 PM GU13 Tustin United Red (CS WC) v. Real Colorado (CO WC)
12:00 PM BU17 So Cal Rush Nike (CS) v. Centennial SC Real (OR)

2:00 PM BU13 Washington Premier PC (WA) v. South Bay Force Black (CS)
2:00 PM BU13 CCV Stars Red (AZ) v. Coachella Valley Chivas (CS WC)
2:00 PM BU14 OSC Rage Orange (CS) v. Club America (AZ)
2:00 PM GU17 Scottsdale Blackhawks (AZ) v. Simi Valley SC Eclipse (CS)
2:00 PM GU17 Laguna Niguel SC (CS WC) v. Grants Pass Nitro (OR)

4:00 PM BU14 Centennial SC Rangers (OR) v. AVSC Ambush (CS)
4:00 PM GU14 PVSC Exiles (CS) v. FC Barcelona (AZ)

FINALS MATCHES - Day Four | Sunday, June 20, 2010