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Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet | Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


7/1 First Date That New Cal South 2010-2011 Player Passes
Could Be Used for Competition
7/1 Registration Audit Began | Moratorium on 2009-2010
Player Registration Began
8/21 Cal South District 4 Meeting
Roster Freeze Period in Effect on August 1st 8/25 Signature League Rep. & Team Manager Meetings
8/31 2009-2010 Player Passes Can No Longer Be Used for Competition 8/25
9/1 Cal South 2010/2011 Fall Season Begins 9/6
Labor Day - Cal South Corporate Office CLOSED
9/1 New Field Liability Insurance Necessary for 2010/2011 Season 9/19 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting
9/30 Soccer Nation Expo 2011 Early Bird Discount Deadline 10/2 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting

. For full Cal South Calendar, please click here

Roster Freeze Period is Already in Effect
In Effect as of August 1st Through the First Monday After Thanksgiving
On August 1, the roster freeze period went into effect. The start of the pre-season roster is now in full gear, effectively placing a moratorium on any movement from one team to another. In the event that a player either desires or absolutely has to move to another team, it will require a Player Transfer Waiver Form, which can be downloaded here.


Late Fees Will Hit Rec Leagues Missing August 31 Registration Deadline
Having the clearing & billing processes down correctly will save you headaches later
As you're completing your league registration for Fall 2010, it's absolutely imperative for leagues that have recreational play to make sure that the greater part of their player registration is in the CORIS system no later than August 31st. Failure to meet the deadline (Cal South Rule will result not only in higher registration fees per player, but could also lead to lack of accident coverage for your individual players. Please contact your League Account Manager with any questions.

To view Cal South Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, please click here.


Registration Open for the 2011 Cal South National Cup and Sports Authority State Cup
Full Information on These Events Can Be Found at
Cal South is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2011 Cal South National Cup and the 2011 Sports Authority State Cup. The cost for teams entering the National Cup is $725, while the State Cup, which picked up a title sponsor in Sports Authority through their recent partnership with Cal South, will be split once more into two separate divisions: Governors and Presidents. Teams applying to take part in the Presidents Division pay a $625 entry fee, while those applying for the Governors Division pay $525 per team.

There are very specific guidelines about which division of State Cup your team can play, so please check out the Play Level Guideline Chart at You will also find links on that page which will take you to full information about each of the Cup competitions.

Here are the pricing and deadlines for these events:

2011 Cal South NATIONAL CUP | $725.00 Entry Fee

Age group Entry Deadline Draw/Cup-tie date Roster Freeze start date
U12 - U13 NOVEMBER 29, 2010 DECEMBER 11, 2010 FEBRUARY 18, 2011 FEBRUARY 27, 2011
U14 - U18 FEBRUARY 5, 2011 MARCH 12, 2011 APRIL 8, 2011 APRIL17, 2011
U19 APRIL 29, 2011 MAY 6, 2011 MAY 20, 2011 MAY 28, 2011


Age group Entry Deadline Cup-tie date/BRACKET DRAW Roster Freeze start date
U09 - U13 NOVEMBER 29, 2010 DECEMBER 11, 2010 FEBRUARY 11 2011 FEBRUARY 19, 2011
U14 - U19 JANUARY 28, 2011 FEBRUARY 11, 2011 APRIL 01, 2011 APRIL 09, 2011


U09 - U13 NOVEMBER 29, 2010 DECEMBER 11, 2010 JANUARY 21 2011 JANUARY 29, 2011
U14 - U17 JANUARY 28, 2011 FEBRUARY 11, 2011 MARCH 25, 2011 APRIL 02, 2011


For further information about Cal South State Tournaments, please click here.


Keep an Eye on Your Mailbox for News about the 2010 Cal South Coach's Gift!
Take Your Postcard to Any Sports Authority Store between August 28-September 12 to Receive Free Gift
Head coaches registered for the 2010-2011 Fall season and all Cal South League VIPs should keep a keen eye on their mailbox in the coming weeks as a postcard from Sports Authority, our newest sponsor, will provide the key towards receiving this year's Cal South Coach's Gift. Take your postcard to any one of the 40 Sports Authority locations in Southern California, between August 28 and September 12, and redeem it for a free set of specially designed Captain's armbands.

It's Cal South's way of saying thanks to our coaches for their dedication, talent and commitment in bringing Excellence in Soccer to our players and their families. Thanks, coaches!

To find the Sports Authority store nearest you, go to or call 888.801.9164.

Free Cal South Recreational Soccer Clinics Courtesy of Kohl's
August 16 in San Marcos - Details | August 25 in Orcutt - Details
In conjunction with Kohl's, Cal South will be hosting a pair of free recreational clinics in August which are open to all recreational players, boys and girls, ages U6-U12. The first clinic, to be held on August 16 at San Elijo Elementary School in San Marcos from 5:30 - 7:30 pm, will also be hosted by San Elijo FC. The second clinic will be held on August 25 at the May Grisham Elementary School in Orcutt from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Check-in for each clinic will occur one hour prior to their start times.

The recreational coaching clinics will be lead by Cal South Coaching Education staff, and will feature drills and activity stations that will help recreational soccer players get ready for the fall season. While space is limited for players, recreational coaches are welcome to attend, too.

Space is limited for both clinics, and to attend, you MUST register in advance. The sign-up process is very quick, and there is player registration only.

For more information or to register for the August 16 clinic in San Marcos, click here.
For more information or to register for the August 25 clinic in Orcutt, click here.


Player Activation Business Rules
With the Fall 2010-2011 season nearly underway, it's important to review one very important Cal South business rule. Regardless of the season, an "accepted" player will generate an invoice and not by the process of "activating" the team. However, make certain that when you click on "Save Application Changes" with the purpose of clearing a player, that this is the exact action you want. If you have any questions regarding the clearing process or would like to know more about the billing process, please feel free to contact the League Account Management Department or the Accounting Department.


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Referees Need to Get Their Risk Management Fingerprinting Completed & Approved In Order to Officiate Youth Games
A Must If You Wish to Referee Youth Games
Cal South continues to be a leader in the KIDSAFE program by extending the Live Scan requirements of program administrators to referees officiating youth games. As with program administrators, referees may not go through Live Scan until their 18th birthday. Once a referee goes through Live Scan, it can take up to 14 days for Cal South to receive a response from the California Department of Justice. Referee Live Scan Risk Management (RM) status is maintained on the Registered Officials List (click to view).

If you have been Live Scan-approved as a coach or program administrator in the Cal South Online Registration Information System (CORIS), but your name does not appear on the Registered Officials List, then please contact Lisa Wolfs at You can also contact Lisa if you have any other questions regarding Risk Management and Live Scan.

For more information about Cal South's Risk Management program, go to .


CORIS Migration and Working with Applications
Scrub your teams of any non-returning players and help your fellow registrar.
As you complete your seasonal migration, make certain that you identify any players that will not be returning to your league. This generally applies to any competitive teams with players that are in an "assigned" status. The process of "rejecting" or removing a player on the roster and cancelling the application will permit other leagues and clubs the opportunity to register the player easily and clearly. If you have any questions regarding the migration and or the clearing of applications, please feel free to contact the League Account Management Department at 714.451.1513.


Online Automation of Player Release & Transfer Process Starting Soon
Cal South, in conjunction with Affinity Sports, will soon be launching a new feature in CORIS (the Cal South Online Registration System) that will make it possible for parents, registrars and District Commissioners to complete an online Player Release and Transfer process from start to finish for the very first time. This new development streamlines the previous paper process and integrates use of real-time tracking, a message alert system, and email notification.

The new Release and Transfer feature is currently in its Beta testing phase, and will hopefully be ready for launch later this year. For further updates, you can track its progress on the new CORIS Unplugged Twitter page at, or feel free to contact the League Account Management department for additional information at 714.451.1513.


A Helpful Reminder to League Registrars:
Updating Your Security Profiles and Contact Info
Certified registrars, do you know who has access to your league's information? Ask yourself the following question: other than yourself, who has permission to access critical league areas, such as the ability to print cards or edit player and administrator profiles? Many occasions also necessitate that we peak behind the security walls for audit purposes. Registrars, maintain your sanity, take a moment, and make sure that anyone maintaining any CORIS roles for your league are cleared through the Department of Justice, but also make sure that these individuals should be in the back-end of CORIS at all.

Secondly, and just as important, is your contact information for the current league users -- such as registrars, board members, etc. -- updated and valid for the new season? There are many occasions when the Cal South corporate staff needs to make contact or send information of vital interest to various members of your league's board of directors. Please take another moment and make sure all contact information is current and valid.

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