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Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet // September 24, 2009

September 24, 2009

Welcome to the Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet,
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 30 Soccer Nation Expo 2010 Application / Early Bird Discount Ends
September 30 Cal South State & National Cup Early Entry Discounts End
October 31
Sanctioned Tournament Applications Due in Corporate Office
November 20 Cal South National Cup Entry Deadline for U12-U13
November 20 Cal South State Cup Entry Deadline for U9-U13
November 30 End of Player Transfer Roster Freeze
December 12 Cal South State Cup Draw/Cup-Tie Date for U9-U13
December 12 Cal South National Cup Draw/Cup-Tie Date for U12-U13

Cal South State Cup and National Cup Early Entry Discounts End on September 30th
Take Advantage of the Early Rates and Save Money!
The Early Entry Discount rates for both the Cal South State Cup and National Cup end on September 30th. The entry fee for State Cup's Presidents Division is $495 through the Early Entry Deadline of September 30, 2009, and then the price goes up to $595 on October 1st. (The rate for State Cup's Governors Division remains at $495 throughout registration.) The entry fee for the Cal South National Cup is $600 through Sept. 30, and then raises to $725 the next day.

Be sure to take advantage of these Early Entry Discount rates while they last, and save money for your team! For more information on the Cal South State Cup and National Cup competitions, please visit

State Tournament Committee Releases Play Level Guide for State & National Cups

New Divisions Open Up Opportunities for More Teams Than Ever
The Cal South State Tournament Committee recently announced new divisions for the 2010 Cal South State Cup. Play in the State Cup will now be broken up into a Governors Division and a Presidents Division.Here's how registration for these divisions breaks up:

Open to all teams playing in a Cal South Sanctioned League in the Bronze division or equal or lower in the U9 through U17 age groups

1. In the Under 9, 10, 11, 18 and 19 age groups, the Presidents Division is open to all teams playing in a Cal South Sanctioned League in all play levels.
2. In the Under 12 through Under 17 ages, the Presidents Division is open to all teams playing in a Cal South Sanctioned League in Silver Elite or equal, or lower.

Gold and Premier teams or equal in the U12 through U17 age groups must play in the Cal South National Cup.

For an easy-to-use level breakdown graphic and further information on the State and National Cup competitions, please click here.

Soccer Nation Expo Early Bird Discount Rate Ends on September 30th

One Week Left! Price per Booth Leaps from $875 to $975 on October 1st
Soccer Nation Expo 2010, Feb. 13-14. L.A. Convention Center

For our members who are interested in exhibiting their business at the upcoming Soccer Nation Expo 2010, our "Early Bird Discount" rate for a 10' x 10' booth is only $875 through September 30th! Broken down over 2 days, that comes to less than $450 a day! On October 1st, the price goes up to $975. So, get your applications in early to save even more!

Also, be sure to check out our expanded range of sponsorship opportunities available for Soccer Nation Expo 2010, any of which should help get your company noticed even more by the attendees at the event. At Soccer Nation Expo, scheduled for the weekend of February 13-14, 2010 at the L.A. Convention Center, over 100 vendors will be offering an incredible variety of products including soccer gear and equipment, not to mention many other consumer goods and services, and all from companies that love the "beautiful game" as much as you do! Some of the major companies expected to exhibit at Soccer Nation Expo 2010 are Nike, adidas, Fox Soccer Channel, Herbalife, Time Warner, and many more.

To download the Soccer Nation Expo 2010 application form, please click here. For more information about the event, please visit, or you can contact Kim Dyer at or 714.451.1540.

Recycling with Albertsons

Take Advantage of This Exciting New Program and Help Both Your Club AND the Environment
League presidents should have already received a package of recycling information last week. The package included a letter of explanation, Albertsons recycling locations and key fobs to track club redemptions. However, there have been a few questions about the program:

The recycling program is completely voluntary. It's a way to encourage club members to collect and redeem the 10 million or so beverage containers Cal South members go through each year. The key fobs track redemption and record the total amount redeemed by clubs. The individual recycling the containers receives a receipt that is turned in for cash at the Albertsons check-out counter. The key fobs are used only to track the total amount of redemptions by club. There is no deposit of cash to an account for the club.

If your club would like to use the recycling for fund raising, the fobs and the monthly reporting from those fobs can be used to reconcile redemptions to match funds received from members. If not used for fund raising, the tracking becomes a way to know how much club members are recycling. There is no individual tracking, just by club. Again, it's a voluntary program, but both Cal South and Albertsons encourage the clubs and leagues to distribute the fobs and capture some of the redemption dollars that can be generated from empty beverage containers. It's a case of doing well while also doing something good. If you have additional questions, please contact for more information.

Cal South's 2009-10 Coaches' Gift Is In the Mail!

At the beginning of each fall season, Cal South traditionally distributes a coaches' gift. For 2009, Cal South coaches will receive a different gift: Five free entrees at Denny's between now and the end of the year. It's a series of coupons redeemable t participating Southern California Denny's locations. The coupons are a "buy one, get one free" offer, so you can take a friend or family member, buy one entree and receive a second entree for free! Denny's is proud to sponsor this year's coaches' gift. It's also Cal South's way of saying "thank you" for all the dedication, hard work and effort our talented coaches have put in during the year. The coupons should be reaching Cal South coaches via the mail starting this week, so please keep checking your mailboxes!

Tips on the Proper Registration of Adult Players

Some tips for Adult Soccer Managers and Registrars: If you have already registered yourself and would like to register additional players, please begin the registration process again. This time, after clicking on the registration tab, please select "Option 1" instead of "Option 2." This will take you to a screen where new players can be registered, assigned and paid for.

Also, because we have received many inquiries about proper registration techniques, we have designed a pair of handy guides which you can download to help you out. Please pass on or email these to any players having trouble in these areas:

If you have players having trouble uploading their photos to CORIS, please have them download this guide.

If you have players with difficulties in paying the registration fee online, please have them download this guide.

Registrars: Using the "Family Lookup" Feature In CORIS

Prior to adding a new player to CORIS or moving a player to a different team or club, please ensure that you perform a Family Lookup search. This can be done by simply entering the first and last name under the Family Lookup section in CORIS. Additional work will be necessary in terms of narrowing the multiple entries, so patience and attention to detail is important.

Registrars: Have You Tried the New "Core Checking" Function Yet?
Located under "Teams" on the left-hand navigation section, this new function allows you to see how many players are returning to a team from last year. For competitive leagues, this can help in evaluating your success in retaining players from one season to the next. If you click the "plus" sign next to the team, it can show you the individual player's names in regards to returning and new players.

It's Time for a CORIS Clean-up, Registrars!

Please Review All Pending Applications Within Your League
Now that the season has started, registrars might want to take a quick look at any pending applications within their league. Under "Application Status," choose "Pending Release Applications." This will allow you to see releases started by coaches/registrars that have not been finalized by the District Commissioner. If you have any of these, be sure to get that paperwork to the DCs or Assistant DCs for completion. You can also pull up "Pending All Applications" and "Accepted - Yes" to see players that you have been billed for but not assigned to teams. If these players are in fact not playing for you this season, and you have refunded their money, send a list of the names to one of the Cal South League Account Managers for review. We will be more than happy to cancel those applications for you.

Please Be Sure Your League's VIP Contacts Have Been Updated with Cal South

Being able to contact League VIPs for all of our clubs and leagues is very important to Cal South, especially if vital decisions need to be discussed or in the event of emergencies. If your league is having fall elections or your VIP list has changed in any way from your last election period, please submit an updated VIP list to Cal South. You can even contact us to make sure we are up to date on our end, if you have any doubts.

Registering for Referee Clinics: Tips and Tricks

Pre-register and pay for referee clinics through here . Some helpful tips: once on the calendar event page make sure the league box is checked and choose "referee clinic" from the event type menu. Hit the search button and a list of all the referee clinics will appear; from there, choose the clinic you would like to attend and then register. If referee associations or sanctioned leagues wish to host recreational, entry level (8), re-cert or upgrade clinics , click here to submit a Clinic Host request.

Cal South Teams Up With Sports Path To Offer Free Online Parent Education

Click here to Access the New Cal South Parenting Course
Cal South and Sports Path, the leader in online sports education courses, have formally announced an agreement designed to help bring parental soccer education to the forefront. Through this partnership, Sports Path will provide a Cal South-branded course on their website entitled "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer," which is free to Cal South members interested in furthering their soccer parenting education. The Sports Path Parenting series consists of courses designed to help parents develop a greater understanding of their role in their child's development within the sports landscape. The exclusive Cal South course "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer" will give parents FREE access to a course which has been specially adapted to fulfill the needs of Cal South members. To access the free Cal South Parenting Course and read instructions for registering in the course,
please click here

Referee Mentoring Programs Available for Cal South Recreational Leagues

Cal South's State Youth Referee Committee offers many opportunities for its recreational leagues. Some of the opportunities include on-field mentoring by experienced referees, hosting certification clinics, and guest-speaking opportunities. We have mentors available throughout Southern California that are willing to come to your league on a Saturday or Sunday and mentor your referees. All leagues are highly encouraged to learn more information about these exciting opportunities. If you are interested in the referee mentoring program, please contact Jeremy Swan at .

Accident Insurance Claim Tip: Fill Out the Questionnaire!

If your player has been injured while playing in a Cal South game or practice, please have them fill out an insurance questionnaire. Once completed, please fax the form to Lisa Wolfs @ 714.441.0715. This will get the claim process started for you.

A Reminder to Registrars about Administrator Registration

With the soccer season starting, we need all league registrars to be sure to get their administrators into the CORIS system. If they are not inputted in CORIS, the administrator will not be updated with their Risk Management and they will not be able to get their Administrator Pass. If you have any questions please contact Lisa Wolfs, Risk Management Coordinator at 714.451.1520 or by email at

October 3 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
November 7 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
November 21-28 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1995 Girls
Thanksgiving Interregional // Coral Springs, FL
November 26-27 Thanksgiving Holiday / Corporate Office Closed
November 26-30 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1994 Boys
Thanksgiving Interregional // Orlando, FL
December 9 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
December 24 Christmas Eve // Corporate Office Closes at 12:30 pm
December 25 Christmas // Corporate Office Closed
December 26-29 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1994 Girls
Christmas Interregional // Ridgeland, MS
December 26-30 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1994 Boys
Christmas Interregional // Orlando, FL
December 31 New Year's Eve // Corporate Office Closes at 12:30 pm
January 1 New Year's Day // Corporate Office Closed
January 9 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // San Diego
February 13-14 Soccer Nation Expo 2010 // L.A. Convention Center
February 14 Cal South Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Meeting //
L.A. Convention Center
February 25-27 US Youth Soccer Workshop // Fort Worth, TX

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