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Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet // August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

Welcome to the Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet,
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August 14, 2009

September 1 New Field Liability Insurance Necessary for 2009-2010 Season
September 1 Fall Leagues Must Have All Player Registration Data Entered and Accepted in CORIS
September 30 Soccer Nation Expo 2010 Application / Early Bird Discount Ends
September 30 Cal South State & National Cup Early Entry Discounts End
October 31
Sanctioned Tournament Applications Due in Corporate Office
November 20 Cal South National Cup Entry Deadline for U12-U13
November 20 Cal South State Cup Entry Deadline for U9-U13
November 30 End of Player Transfer Roster Freeze
December 12 Cal South State Cup Draw/Cup-Tie Date for U9-U13
December 12 Cal South National Cup Draw/Cup-Tie Date for U12-U13

U.S. Soccer Coaching Symposium / Aug. 17-18 / Home Depot Center
Held August 17-18 in Conjunction with the U.S. U-15 Girls' National Team Training Camp
U.S. Soccer's Coaching Department will conduct a coaching symposium Aug. 17-18 in conjunction with the U.S. U-15 Girls' National Team training camp at the U.S. Soccer National Training Center at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. The symposium will be led by U.S. U-15 Girls' National Team head coach and U.S. Soccer National Staff Coach, Mike Dickey. Dickey, who will lead the girls in their third training camp of year, has been a Women's National Staff Coach since 2005 and has served as an assistant coach for many of the Women's Youth National Teams.

The two-day symposium offers a unique opportunity for coaches to learn how a National Team training camp is organized and run. Registered coaches will have access to the coaching staff before and after training sessions. The group discussions will focus on the selection of players, goals for the camp and players and the breakdown of training sessions and activities. To apply for the symposium, click here . To read the full story on about this event, click here .

Late Fees Will Hit Rec. Leagues Missing Aug. 31st Registration Deadline
Having the Clearing & Billing Processes Down Correctly Will Save You Headaches Later
As you're completing your league registration for Fall 2009, it's absolutely imperative for leagues that have recreational play to make sure that the greater part of their player registration is in the CORIS system no later than August 31st. Failure to meet the deadline (Cal South Rule will result not only in higher registration fees per player, but could also lead to lack of accident coverage for your individual players. Please contact your League Account Manager with any questions. To download and review an updated version of the Cal South Rules and Regulations, please click here .

Reminder: Get Your League's Adult & Youth Insurance Certificates Now!
2008-2009 Certificates Expire August 31, 2009

With the new season coming up please remember to get the new 2009-2010 insurance certificates for your league that come in affect September 1, 2009. The certificates for 2008-2009 will expire on August 31, 2009. If you are a new president or have forgotten your user name and password, please contact Lisa Wolfs at 714.451.1520 or

Roster Freeze Period is Already in Effect:
In Effect as of August 1st Through the 1st Monday After Thanksgiving
On August 1, the roster freeze period went into effect. The start of the pre-season roster is now in full gear, effectively placing a moratorium on any movement from one team to another. In the event that a player either desires or absolutely has to move to another team, it will require a Player Transfer Waiver Form, which can be
downloaded here .

Cal South Annual Player Registration Audit Began on July 1st
Moratorium Placed on 08-09 CORIS Applications
The start of the 2009-2010 seasonal year is less than two short months away, officially beginning on September 1, 2009! In tandem with this, Cal South has already embarked on its annual player registration audit, which began on July 1, 2009. To completely fall in line with the audit process, Cal South found it necessary to place a moratorium on the ability for leagues and clubs to generate further player/administrator applications for the fall 2008-2009 seasonal year. This will have a "zero" impact on the 2009-2010 seasonal year as well as the spring and summer '09 seasons.

Referee Registration for 2010 to Begin on September 1, 2009
All Referees to Register Through Cal South, not Online with U.S. Soccer
Registration for 2010 will begin on September 1, 2009 and close on June 15, 2010. Cal South's corporate office referee coordinator/registrar, Danielle Bryant, will be registering all referees with U.S. Soccer. U.S. Soccer online registration will not be available for individuals to register. The List of Registered Officials will be updated weekly. Please check periodically to verify your registration has been processed and your name appears on the list. It can take up to four weeks after the clinic for your name to be listed. Re-cert and upgrade referees will receive new badge and ID card directly from U.S. Soccer. New referees receive their badge at the end of the clinic upon passing the appropriate exam. U.S. Soccer will mail an ID card directly upon registration approval. Please allow two months after the clinic for U.S. Soccer's packet to arrive. If your name is on the List of Registered Officials and two months have passed since the clinic, then contact U.S. Soccer direct at 312.808.1300 and ask for the Referee department. Registration questions can be directed to Danielle Bryant at .

All referees MUST register with Cal South. Cal South Online Registration & Information System (CORIS) will be used to manage all Cal South referee registration. The best way to register with Cal South is to pre-register for a clinic through here . Please visit for full details on the Cal South Referee Program.

Registering for Referee Clinics: Tips and Tricks
Pre-register and pay for referee clinics through here . Some helpful tips: once on the calendar event page make sure the league box is checked and choose "referee clinic" from the event type menu. Hit the search button and a list of all the referee clinics will appear; from there, choose the clinic you would like to attend and then register. If referee associations or sanctioned leagues wish to host recreational, entry level (8), re-cert or upgrade clinics , click here to submit a Clinic Host request.

Cal South Teams Up With Sports Path To Offer Free Online Parent Education
Click here to Access the New Cal South Parenting Course
Cal South and Sports Path, the leader in online sports education courses, have formally announced an agreement designed to help bring parental soccer education to the forefront. Through this partnership, Sports Path will provide a Cal South-branded course on their website entitled "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer," which is free to Cal South members interested in furthering their soccer parenting education. The Sports Path Parenting series consists of courses designed to help parents develop a greater understanding of their role in their child's development within the sports landscape. The exclusive Cal South course "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer" will give parents FREE access to a course which has been specially adapted to fulfill the needs of Cal South members. To access the free Cal South Parenting Course and read instructions for registering in the course,
please click here

A Reminder to Referees on the Cal South Risk Management Process
Adult referees officiating youth games must go through the Cal South Risk Management and go through Kidsafe/Live Scan background checks. Cal South will implement and enforce the Kidsafe/Live Scan background requirement beginning January 1, 2010. Referees under 18 are not to be Kidsafe-processed. Many referee associations have set up on-site Live Scan sessions. Click here for Live Scan Host Form. All Cal South members, including referees, must take and complete a Request for Live Scan Service form whether they attend a Cal South session or go to another Applicant Live Scan Site. For a full list of IBT California Fingerprinting Centers, please click here . For more information about Live Scan, or if you want to schedule an appointment online, you can also visit their website at .

Referee Mentoring Programs Available for Cal South Recreational Leagues
Cal South's State Youth Referee Committee offers many opportunities for its recreational leagues. Some of the opportunities include on-field mentoring by experienced referees, hosting certification clinics, and guest-speaking opportunities. We have mentors available throughout Southern California that are willing to come to your league on a Saturday or Sunday and mentor your referees. All leagues are highly encouraged to learn more information about these exciting opportunities. If you are interested in the referee mentoring program, please contact Jeremy Swan at .

Order Your Cal South Member I.D. Passes Today!
Player passes may be printed and used beginning July 1st and useable immediately. This should allow registrars a more flexible window in which to print and prepare cards while also allowing more flexibility in terms of summer tournament participation and bracketing. As an additional reminder, Cal South 2008/2009 fall, spring 2009 and summer 2009 passes are valid through August 31st.

Whatever you do, please don't piecemeal your pass requests! Don't wait to order your complete supply for the fall, spring and summer tournament seasons. ORDER ALL OF THEM TODAY! To find out what your complete allocation is, or if you have questions regarding the use of Cal South Member I.D. Passes, please contact Victor Villanueva in the League Account Management department at or 714.451.1515.

CORIS Tool Box - Registrars Now Have Two New Tools in Their Arsenal!
Combating Duplicate Applications with Duplicate Check & Family Search Tools
In collaboration with ADG, Cal South has initiated the launch of a new internal feature to reduce and eliminate duplicate records. This new tool stemmed from our concerted efforts to increase the search and matching mechanisms for players and administrators, as well as actively reduce the number of duplicate player records as a whole. The new tool highlights if there are additional records and recommends the application to use before continuing further with the transaction. Another smart feature is that it conveniently flags a duplicate record on multiple teams by placing an (x) next to the duplicate record on the team roster screen. For more information on the use of the Duplicate Check tool, please log onto MY360 for further details.

Just as important a tool is the new "Family Search" tool which was recently launched. This feature will allow for a cross-seasonal search for players, parents, and administrators with the added bonus of the having the capability to generate new applications as long as the previous club has not accepted the player. However, there is one caveat, and that is registrars will no longer have the ability to alter the player "LName," "FName" and "DOB" once the age/legal box has been accepted. This new tool will be added to the recent Duplicate Check, which will further enhance the ability for registrars to mitigate duplicates in the system and avoid costly mistakes. For information on the use of the new "Family Search" tool, please log onto MY360 for further details.

Risk Management Policy: A Reminder on Card Printing
The 2009-2010 Season Is Quickly Approaching!
All administrators MUST complete the Live Scan process; this includes all coaches, managers, team administrators, board members and tournament directors. A card can NOT be printed until the Corporate Office has received approval from the Department of Justice. The process can take up to 14 business days to complete. Please make sure that your league has correctly inputted or updated your information in the CORIS system. If you log into your CORIS account and see an R with a red circle around it, please contact Lisa Wolfs, Risk Management Coordinator, at 714.451.1520 or . Click here for more information on getting your Live Scan done or on hosting an upcoming session.

August 15 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
August 16 San Diego TOPSoccer Day // La Jolla YSL
August 17-18 U.S. Soccer Coaching Symposium // Home Depot Center
September 5 Fall Season Kick-off
September 7 Labor Day // Corporate Office Closed
September 16 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Conference Call
October 3 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
November 7 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
November 21-28 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1995 Girls
Thanksgiving Interregional // Coral Springs, FL
November 26-27 Thanksgiving Holiday / Corporate Office Closed
November 26-30 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1994 Boys
Thanksgiving Interregional // Orlando, FL
December 9 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
December 24 Christmas Eve // Corporate Office Closes at 12:30 pm
December 25 Christmas // Corporate Office Closed
December 26-29 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1994 Girls
Christmas Interregional // Ridgeland, MS
December 26-30 US Youth Soccer ODP 1993-1994 Boys
Christmas Interregional // Orlando, FL
December 31 New Year's Eve // Corporate Office Closes at 12:30 pm
January 1 New Year's Day // Corporate Office Closed
January 9 Cal South Board of Directors Meeting // San Diego
February 13-14 Soccer Nation Expo 2010 // L.A. Convention Center
February 14 Cal South Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Meeting //
L.A. Convention Center
February 25-27 US Youth Soccer Workshop // Fort Worth, TX

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