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Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet // October 1, 2008

October 01, 2008










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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 31
Sanctioned Tournament Applications Due in Corporate Office
November 5
Artwork and Payment Due for Inclusion in 2009 Cal South Tournament Guide
November 26
U9-U13 Deadline for 2009 Cal South State Cup
November 26
U12-U13 Deadline for 2009 Cal South National Cup
December 1
End of Player Transfer Roster Freeze // First Day Players May Transfer Using Release & Transfer Form
January 16
U14-U19 Deadline for 2009 Cal South State Cup
February 20
U14-U18 Deadline for 2009 Cal South National Cup
April 27
U19 Deadline for 2009 Cal South National Cup

State and National Cup Registration is Now Open for 2009!

Registration is now open for both the 2009 Cal South State Cup and National Cup competitions. If you register for State Cup before October 31, the entry fee is only $475 per team, but after that date, the entry fee will raise to $525. The National Cup entry fee is $675 throughout registration. If you are registering a team for the Youngers brackets, please be aware that the deadline for U12 through U13 teams in the National Cup and U9 through U13 teams in the State Cup is November 26, 2008.

Now entering its 31st year, over 1400 teams annually take part in the Cal South State Cup for the honor of being crowned as State Cup Champion. The Cal South National Cup serves as the chief route by which Cal South competitive teams can make their way towards the annual US Youth Soccer National Championships, the crown jewel of youth soccer tournaments. Teams that are crowned champions at the Cal South National Cup move on next to the US Youth Soccer Far West Regionals, which will be hosted in June 2009 in Lancaster, CA by Cal South.For more information on the 2009 Cal South State and National Cup competitions, please click on the following links:

2009 Cal South State Cup
2009 Cal South National Cup

Cal South Teams Up with Sports Path To Offer Free Online Parent Education
Click here to Access the New Cal South Parenting Course
Cal South and Sports Path, the leader in online sports education courses, have formally announced an agreement designed to help bring parental soccer education to the forefront. Through this partnership, Sports Path will provide a Cal South-branded course on their website entitled "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer," which is free to Cal South members interested in furthering their soccer parenting education.

The Sports Path Parenting series consists of courses designed to help parents develop a greater understanding of their role in their child's development within the sports landscape. The exclusive Cal South course "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer" will give parents FREE access to a course which has been specially adapted to fulfill the needs of Cal South members. To access the free Cal South Parenting Course and read instructions for registering in the course, please click here .

Get Maximum Exposure in the 2009 Cal South Tournament Guide!
Artwork and Payment Due in Cal South Corporate Office by November 5, 2008
Cal South tournament directors should be aware that the 2009 edition of the Cal South Tournament Guide is currently in production, with a scheduled landing date of January 5. The Cal South Tournament Guide is mailed to over 10,200 Cal South coaches and is also distributed nationally at the following annual shows: the NSCAA Coaches Convention, the US Youth Soccer Workshop and Soccer Nation Expo.

The only way to get your tournament's logo on the website is through the purchase of the Tournament Guide Package ($550), which includes a full page color ad and enhanced listing in the Guide, an enhanced listing with logo and link on the Sanctioned Tournaments page on, and an enhanced listing with logo in Cal South Soccer Magazine. New to the package this year is each tournament's inclusion in a Tournament Spotlight email, which will go out once to all of Cal South's coaches in the month preceding that tournament's entry deadline. Tournaments can also purchase extra logos in any listing areas for an additional fee.

To fill out an online insertion order for the 2009 Cal South Tournament Guide, click here. For more information about the Tournament Guide Package, please contact Kim Dyer at 714.451.1540 or by email at

The US Soccer Foundation Passback Program Needs You!
Looking for Used or New Cleats from Cal South Clubs to Help Needy and Break World Record

Is your league looking for a great way to help give back to the world soccer community and aid the less fortunate among us? The U.S. Soccer Foundation's Passback Program is a joint effort between the Foundation and Eurosport to collect new and gently used soccer equipment and redistribute it to those in need. In an effort to raise awareness about Passback, the Foundation is planning to break the World Record for the Longest Chain of Shoes at the 2009 NSCAA Convention (held in St. Louis, MO, January 14-18). The current record stands at 10,500 shoes, so in order to break the record, we need to collect and display over 5,250 pairs. Thousands of pairs have already been collected, but to break the record, Passback is hoping that the leagues and clubs of Cal South will join others from across the country in letting more people know about this incredible program. If your league or club is interested in helping out with a contribution of new or used cleats, please click here. To learn more about the Passback Program, go to

Regent Sports Recalls Soccer Goal Nets Following Strangulation Death of Child
Link to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Report Here

A recall was recently put into effect by Regent Sports for two brands of soccer goals sold from May 2002 through May 2008 at numerous retail outlets following two reports of head entanglement in the nets that came with the goals. This includes the death by strangulation of a 20-month old child found with his head and arm tangled in the net. To learn more about the recall and read the report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, please click here.

Player Registration/Medical Release Forms:
A Club's Lack of Online Registration Requires Its Registrar to Submit These Forms

Is it necessary to send copies of the Player Registration/Medical Forms to Cal South? Due to the advent of "online" registration, and also given that fact that Cal South no longer provides registration forms, it's easy to forget that Cal South does require a copy of the Player Registration/Medical Release forms as long as the following circumstances exist: If your league is utilizing online registration, there is no need to submit any copies of the medical release form to the corporate office, as the ELAs (Electronic Legal Agreements) are stored electronically. However, if your league is not using online registration, a single copy of the Player Registration/Medical Release form will meet your league's obligations. Additionally, in order to help you facilitate and comply with the process and to allow for an adequate amount of time to gather and organize the packet, we have determined the end of December 2008 to be a suitable submission deadline for Fall registration paperwork. Additionally, please make sure to organize the forms smartly by placing them by team so we can easily retrieve if necessary. The Player Registration/Medical Release form is a legal document and should be treated and maintained as such.

ADG Data Failure Leads to Loss of September 4th CORIS Entries

Registrars are Asked to Please Review All Team Rosters and Cards Carefully

On Friday, September 5, a major system failure occurred that resulted in data losses which impacted many areas of the CORIS Online Registration System. Immediately following this notification, we encouraged our registrars to carefully review and re-input any system changes that had occurred on Thursday, September 4. Inextricably tied to the data re-input was the necessity to reprint many of the cards, which in itself presented additional problems for many registrars as well. As such, in addition to reviewing affected teams, further steps should be taken in terms of insuring that your cards and rosters match properly. This is especially important if any of these teams are participating in the upcoming State Cup. In the event you have any further questions, please contact the Cal South League Account Management department and they will be more than happy to assist you.

CORIS and the Fall 08/09 Season Update
Has your league completed and entered all players into CORIS?

All leagues with a fall playing season must have all player registration data entered and "Accepted" into CORIS by September 1st or at least one week prior to the first regularly scheduled games. Failure to comply with this request could have consequences for your players in the future. Why is this important, you may ask? One very important factor would be liability. For just this reason alone, it is crucial that you follow fully through with the registration process for all of your players. That is, get your data entered and your players "Accepted" and placed onto teams. The process does not stop there either. Make sure to activate your teams so the business rules are applied. Just because you run a recreational program does not preclude you from the rule either. It must be completed timely and accurately by all leagues of registration, competitive and recreational!

Risk Management Policy: A Reminder on Card Printing

All administrators MUST complete the Live Scan process; this includes all coaches, managers, team administrators, board members and tournament directors. A card can NOT be printed until the Corporate Office has received approval from the Department of Justice. If you log into your CORIS account and see an R with a red circle around it, please contact Lisa Wolfs, Risk Management Coordinator, at 714.451.1520 or

October 11
Board of Directors Meeting // Bakersfield
October 13
US Youth Soccer Region IV Workshop // Salt Lake City, UT
October 13
Columbus Day
October 31
November 1
Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
November 4
Election Day
November 11
Veterans Day
November 27
Thanksgiving Day // Corporate Office CLOSED
November 28
Corporate Office CLOSED
December 6
Board of Directors Meeting // Corporate Office
December 24
Corporate Office CLOSED
December 25
Christmas Day // Corporate Office CLOSED
December 31
New Year's Eve // Corporate Office CLOSED
January 1
New Year's Day Corporate Office CLOSED
February 21-22
Soccer Nation Expo 2009 // LA Convention Center

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