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Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet // July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007










Welcome to the Cal South Admin. Hot Sheet, a bi-monthly email
directed to all Member League VIP's geared towards keeping
them informed on Association Business.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


ALL Administrators need to get their Live Scan done if they haven't already - NO EXCUSES!
This includes Managers, Trainers, Team Parent Administrators, Assistant Coaches, and Head Coaches. Cal South will be offering two open Live Scan sessions. One will be at Granite High school in San Diego on July 22nd. The second is at Moorpark College in Moorpark on July 29th. If interested please sign up using the Event Manager. The cost is $15.00. If these do not work into your schedule, please follow this link to either set up a League session or find a local Live Scan site. If you are operating in an official capacity within a Team or League (i.e. Board Member) you must go through the Risk Management process.If you have done your Risk Management after March 1st 2003 you do NOT need to go through the process again.

Card Printing has officially opened as of July 9th:
Let the Cal South cards roll off your printer. Remember though, cards cannot be officially used until July 15th for any preseason tournaments. Additionally, if you're experiencing difficulty printing cards, it may be due to an update to the Mead Co. Script which automatically should be prompted. If you cannot print cards, please call the ADG tech support number Toll Free at (800) 808-7195 or the Cal South LAM Dept at (714) 451-1513.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Transfer Roster Freeze will be in effect as of August 1st:
Team rosters shall be frozen at Midnight August 1st to all but new players and those granted a waiver. Requests for waivers to the Roster Freeze period will be heard by the appropriate District Commissioner and granted only under limited circumstances. Please see Cal South Rule 1.4.3 for further clarification.

All leagues with a fall playing season agree to have all player data entered and (Accepted) into CORIS by September 1st or at least on week prior to the first regularly scheduled game.
Failure to comply with the following terms of service may be subject to the following but not limited to:
a) Field Liability Certificates will be (denied or revoked)
CORIS access will (denied, revoked or limited)
c) Loss of league sanctioning.

Get with the program and provide your families the Member ID Card.
Remember the other half the cards also know as the "Member ID Card"? Many Cal South families don't realize that when they signed their child up to play soccer, they became members of one of the largest membership associations in the country. Member Benefits aside, the card will help your parents realize that they are covered by insurance, proof of registration or can simply as a receipt. The card looks professional and will only help your parents view your league as operating professionally.

Effective June 1st, teams could be activated binding players to teams and thusly applying the Cal South business rules on player movement. Players wanting to transfer at this time will need to complete a release and transfer form. Plural Participation: A player may not be rostered to more than one team during the fall playing season without a release and transfer. *Please Note freeze periods.

So you've missed the last eight registrar training sessions for one reason or another and "urgently" need training. We've got the answer: Virtual Training aka Webinar. Over the next week or so, we will be scheduling a series of web conference training sessions that will be opened up to all leagues. These training sessions will be hosted by Cal South through your internet browser via a program called WebConferencing. What this will entail is as follows: those individuals interested in participating in the webinar will need to register for the class through the Cal South Event Manager [ click here.] After dialing the 800 number and accessing the web conference internet site, the training will proceed just as if you were in a classroom setting. Using the telephone and your computer you can actively view, listen to the instruction and ask questions. A limit of 3 people can participate on any webinar at any given time. This has the obvious advantages of in-home training at a more convenient time such as during a weekday, evening other than on a Saturday.

Coaching Education: Improve your Recreational Program Coaches
If you haven't already scheduled it, your league should be hosting a Youth Module Course to get your Coaches licensed. The Host Form can be found by clicking here. A minimum of 15 candidates is necessary. If your League is unable to host a session, please click here to find a Youth Module course to sign up for. Under Event Type, choose Coaching Education Course and click Search at the far right. Click on the session that interests you for more information. To register, hit the Register button towards the top right of the screen, and you will be lead through the process. All Recreational Coaches must hold an age appropriate coaching license in order to Coach within Cal South.

REMINDER: Cal South waives all FEES for Travel Papers
Travel Papers: Say goodbye to the $10 Travel Paper fee AND the $5 per day late fee!

In a continued effort towards reducing fees and improved member service, Cal South will no longer be charging any fees for Travel Papers. Please continue getting them to the Corporate Office in a timely manner in case there are any issues. If you are traveling as a team out of the country, USSF will still be charging their $50 fee made payable to US Soccer.

DID YOU KNOW? That $1.50 of every player registration helps fund the Cal South Field Development Foundation
The Cal South Field Development Foundation exists to help your league build & improve youth soccer fields through Capital and Equipment Grants.

Another great benefit of membership to Cal South is our ongoing dedication to helping our member leagues with field and facility initiatives. We realize that fields and access to fields are a huge issue for all of our member leagues and the Foundation has already granted over $400,000 in grants to Cal South Member Leagues to this end. If you are not taking advantage of this great benefit, please click here for more information and start today.


July 15
th - First date that Cal South cards for the Fall season can be used for competition;
Cal South BOD Meeting @ Corporate Office
July 25th-30th - USYSA National Championships in Des Moines, IA
July 28th-29th - USYSA Annual General Meeting in Des Moines, IA
August 1st - Start of the preseason player transfer roster freeze period
September 1st - All Leagues with a Fall playing season must have all player registration data entered and accepted into CORIS by this date or at least one week prior to the first regularly scheduled game
September 16th - Cal South Galaxy Night at the Home Depot Center LA Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids


League Fundraising Options:

ESPN Coaches Fundraising Program
Best Western MVP Program: 15% discount / 5% back to League (Check out the Carlsbad Lightning website as a great example of how to start activating this great program and start getting your 5% back - )


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