The moment 12 Cal South teams have been working toward and waiting for is finally here – the 2017 US Youth Soccer National Championships. This year, from July 24-30, these Southern California teams will head to Frisco, Texas to face off against the best of the best in the country, in search of being named a National Champion. West Coast FC and Legends FC each have four teams participating in the tournament, while Boca OC, San Diego Surf, Beach FC and CDA Slammers FC will also represent their clubs and Cal South in Frisco. 

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Click on the appropriate age level below for Group Standings. US Youth Soccer has slated some matches for Live Streaming and the links will be active as we get closer to the start of the tournament. Click the LIVE links below wherever you see them to tune in on gameday! This schedule is subject to change by US Youth Soccer.

Tuesday, July 25
Level Time (PT) Home Score Away
15UB 5:00AM Boca OC 02 White - St. Louis Scott Gallagher SC (MO)
16UB 5:00AM WCFC Armour 2001 LIVE Javanon 2001 Black (KY)
16UG 5:00AM Legends FC 01 Academy LIVE Greater Birminghamton FC (NY-W)
15UG 7:00AM Legends FC 02 Academy LIVE Sporting OFC 2002 Elite
17UB 7:00AM West Coast FC Armour 2000 - Michigan Jaguars 00 Green (MI)
19/20UB 7:00AM West Coast Haney - Challenger Crew Jrs Gold (OH-N)
13UG 9:00AM San Diego Surf LIVE SDFC Yellow (NJ)
17UG 9:00AM Legends FC 00 Academy - HBC Impact 00 (NY-E)
19/20UG 9:00AM Beach FC 98 Academy LIVE FC Kansas City Forte Elite (MO)
14UB 11:00AM CDA Slammers FC LIVE USA/MP 2003 Premier (SC)
18UB 11:00AM CUP 99 Gold (OH-S) - West Coast 99 Wyss
18UG 11:00AM Legends FC 99 Academy - FC Pennsylvania Strikers (PA-E)
Wednesday, July 26
15UG 5:00AM Legends FC 02 Academy LIVE CUP 02 Gold (OH-S)
17UB 5:00AM West Coast FC Armour 2000 - McLean 00 Green (VA)
19/20UB 5:00AM West Coast Haney - OP 97/98 Green (OH-S)
15UB 7:00AM Boca OC 02 White LIVE Tuzos Academy 02 (AZ)
16UB 7:00AM Raiders FC (IL) - WCFC Armour 2001
16UG 7:00AM Legends FC 01 Academy LIVE Florida Elite 2001 (FL)
14UB 9:00AM Beadling 2003 (PA-W) - CDA Slammers FC
18UB 9:00AM West Coast 99 Wyss - BRYC 99 Elite (VA)
18UG 9:00AM Legends FC 99 Academy - Cleveland FC (OH-N)
13UG 11:00AM San Diego Surf - Sporting BV (KS)
17UG 11:00AM Legends FC 00 Academy LIVE Midwest United FC (MI)
19/20UG 11:00AM Beach FC 98 Academy LIVE EGA Maroon 98 (NE)
Thursday, July 27
15UB 5:00AM ID Club Division 02 (TX-S) - Boca OC 02 White
16UB 5:00AM Lobos Rush 01 Premier (TN) - WCFC Armour 2001
16UG 5:00AM Nationals Union 01 Black (MI) - Legends FC 01 Academy
15UG 7:00AM Real Colorado 02 Olympico (CO) LIVE Legends FC 02 Academy
17UB 7:00AM Santa Clara Sporting 00 (CA-N) LIVE West Coast FC Armour 2000
19/20UB 7:00AM Penn Fusion 98 (PA-E) LIVE West Coast Haney
13UG 9:00AM Lonestar 04 Red (TX-S) - San Diego Surf
17UG 9:00AM 00 TFCA Alliance (NC) - Legends FC 00 Academy
19/20UG 9:00AM 98 CR Academy (NC) LIVE Beach FC 98 Academy
14UB 11:00AM FC Wisconsin WDA (WI) - CDA Slammers FC
18UB 11:00AM West Coast 99 Wyss LIVE LTSC Union Showcase 99/00 (IL)
18UG 11:00AM OFC 99 Hampton (OK) LIVE Legends FC 99 Academy