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April 22, 2011

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Nutrition Education provided by Stremicks Organic Milk

Best workout recovery drink?
Researchers say it's milk!

Recent research indicates that milk is a perfect post-workout drink for many soccer players.

Whether athletes have participated in robust resistance training, engaged in an intense endurance workout, or played a full 90 minutes, milk has been shown to be the best choice for body recovery.

What makes milk such a good post workout drink? Four main reasons:

1) Head-to-head beverage research has demonstrated that milk is a superior choice to both water and sports drinks as a post-workout rehydration beverage.
2) Milk has been shown as a very effective tool for critical muscle recovery. The research shows that milk not only supports recovery with its mix of slow and fast digesting proteins, but that the milk's ratio delivers lean body mass gains, at a nearly perfect mix of 80% slow and 20% fast protein.
3) Milk allows athletes to tame their hunger while staying hydrated longer. How? Because milk is rich in potassium and sodium, which helps retain fluids, as well as being full of protein and some fats to slow digestion.
4) Milk is a better price value than many expensive sports drinks and supplements.

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