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July 16, 2010

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College Application Deadlines

With college application deadlines looming for seniors, we wanted to share some useful application tips that will make things easier for you. Underclassmen take note, because these will hold true for you soon enough.

Getting accepted into colleges is becoming more and more competitive, especially with the more well-known schools across the country. Admissions officers are looking for the more unique student; someone who stands out in the crowd. You could be from a small town or big city, it doesn't matter; what matters is what you do there. They look to see how you have positively impacted your community because those are traits they want a future student to hold.

According to a recent Forbes article, "experts also agree that essays are the most crucial part of any application because it's one of the few chances students have to bring their application to life' otherwise, it's just a laundry list of academic and extracurricular credentials." When you are searching for essay topics, keep in mind that admissions officials want something different. Write about a positive aspect of your personality or life and relate that to why it would make you suitable for their school. They would much rather learn about you than read an essay about a current affair.

When filling out applications or writing essays, it's wise to have someone else proofread it before you submit it to the school. You should never have any major spelling or grammatical errors in an application; that is one of the fastest ways for a school to lose interest in you. This may seem like an obvious step, but a lot of students overlook its importance.

You also need to be doing everything in your power to make your resume as strong as possible. Including several extracurricular activities in which you are involved makes you a more well-rounded applicant in the admission's officer's eyes. As a prospective student-athlete, you will also be at a slight advantage with many schools. When you are submitting your application to the school, talk with the coach first to see if they will bring your application to admissions or if you should send it directly to admissions on your own. Sometimes, coaches will want a prospect's application so they can support it through admissions.

Lastly, try to take care of any inconsistencies in your grades as well. If your GPA and test scores don't match, that can raise a red flag. Your grades and test scores will be the first thing admissions officers look at and you want to make sure they make a good impression. You will need to have a couple of letters of recommendation as well. When you are asking for letters of recommendation, make sure you are asking people who really know you. If the author doesn't know you well, that will show. Teachers and coaches you are close with are a great place to start.

You can't avoid completing applications, but these simple tips will increase your chances of standing apart..

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