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July 16, 2010

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Small-Sided Games for the Attack

by Hylton Dayes
NSCAA National Academy Staff

Activity One: Changing the Point of the Attack
(see Diagram 1)
• 4v4 / 5v5 on field size appropriate to age and number of players
• Four two-yard (width) goals
• Each team defends two goals and attacks two goals
• Teams score by playing ball through cones on the ground

Coaching Points:
• Recognize when to change point of attack
• Use combinations to assist in switching play
• Accurate passing and support by players

Activity Two: Cone Game
(see Diagram 2)
• 4v4 on a 30 x 20-yard field
• Four cones are placed on each end line four yards apart
• To score, a team must knock over the cones on the opposing team's end line with the ball. Cones are then set back up.
• No corner kicks; use "kick-ins" instead of throw-ins

Coaching Points:
• Accurate passing/shooting technique
• Recognize when to shoot and when to pass

Activity Three: Six - Goal Game
Organization (see Diagram 3)
• 5v5 on a small field (only two players shown in diagram) - size appropriate for age and skill level
• Six two-yard (width) goals are set up inside the field of play
• Teams score at any goal by passing on the ground through the goal to a teammate
• You cannot score through the same goal consecutively
• Touch restrictions can be used to increase speed of play and encourage passing

Coaching Points:
• Quick transition when you win the ball
• Accurate passing through goals
• Movement off the ball

This article originally appeared in the April 24, 2002 edition of The Technical Area, the NSCAA's bi-weekly email newsletter.