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Cal South E-News | April 2010 PERFORMANCE TRAINING

April 20, 2010

Performance Training and Injury Prevention content provided exclusively by Velocity Sports Performance

Want to Increase Your Speed?
Time to Hit the Weights!

by Erik Kasabuske M.Ed., CSCS
Sports Performance Director
Velocity Sports Performance - Irvine

Very rarely does an athlete walk into a Velocity Sports Performance Center that isn't concerned with getting faster. On the flip side, we often run into athletes that only want to focus on speed and aren't interested in doing strength training. They ask, "Doesn't lifting weights make me slow and bulky?" The answer to this question is "no," if you are doing the right type of training.

Athletes at Velocity spend hours upon hours working on proper movement technique and sprint mechanics, and after all that dedicated work, they begin to move faster and much more efficiently. Initially, just learning the proper way to run, jump, and cut can make significant improvements in your speed. However, athletes that only work on movement skills and avoid strength training often hit a wall in their progress early on.

My favorite way to explain this is to think of it as if you were building a race car. Think of movement/speed training as the tires, suspension, and brakes. You need all of these things to work properly if you want the car to accelerate off the line, corner quickly, and stop on a dime. Unfortunately, you can have the best tires, suspension, and brakes money can buy and it won't mean anything if the car doesn't have an engine. The engine is your strength and power. If your engine doesn't have enough horsepower, you are simply going to have a car that handles great at slow speeds. This is why we strongly believe in improving an athlete's maximal strength. You might know and be able to perform all different types of movements for speed perfectly, but it will only take you so far if your body can't apply or absorb force properly.

This is why I have always believed you need to train both speed and strength if you want to be faster. Movement training will teach you to be more efficient while accelerating, changing direction, and sprinting at top speed. Increasing your strength and power will increase the amount of force you can apply towards each stride and allow you to get in and out of cuts faster. Strength is a major component of speed whether your sport is soccer, football, volleyball, etc. Increase your horsepower if you want to decrease your times!

About Velocity Sports Performance:
Velocity Sports Performance is a national network of training centers where athletes of all sports, ages and skill levels go to improve their core athletic skills - speed, power and agility. Athletes train in small groups with degreed and certified performance coaches. Velocity Sports Performance is the Official Performance Training Partner of Cal South Soccer. Players who train with Velocity Sports Performance can expect to get to the ball quicker, cover more of the field faster, increase their shot power and reduce their chances of injury. Velocity Sports Performance has training centers throughout Southern California including Irvine, Redondo Beach, Anaheim, Carlsbad, San Diego, West LA and Santa Clarita.