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March 18, 2010

Parent Education provided by Cuties Citrus

E.L.M. - Effort, Learning and Mistakes

Parenting Video Tips from
Cuties Spokes-Mom Joy Fawcett

While winning the game is the end-goal of playing sports, parents can easily lose sight of the important steps to success that make that finish possible. It's like neglecting healthy snacks throughout a game and focusing only on the post-meal feast. It's those snacks that keep you fueled - sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) calls this method of encouragement the E.L.M. Tree of Mastery. PCA board member and Cuties spokes-mom Joy Fawcett , who not only is a World Cup and Olympic champion soccer player but also a Cal South alumna, explains that E.L.M. stands for Effort, Learning and Mistakes in a new series of parent-focused videos on produced by Cuties.

Watch them here!

The E.L.M Tree of Mastery is all about redefining a winner and measuring your child's success along the way, instead of just at the finish line.

E... is for EFFORT
Don't forget that the one thing your child can control is the effort they put into a game. So whether the team wins or loses, your child won if they put in 100%. They should feel proud and you should recognize it.

Success shouldn't be measured solely on the end score…but rather the plays along the way.

M… is for MISTAKES
If practice makes perfect, then mistakes are bound to happen. Rather than focusing on the negative of a mistake, focus on the positive ways your child can grow as an athlete - or as a person!

The Positive Coaching Alliance and Cuties Citrus encourage you to try the E.L.M. Tree of Mastery. As Fawcett points out, it will help decrease your child's anxiety about winning while simultaneously increasing their self-confidence. In the long run, it will boost your child's improvement on the field - and in life.

And, while you're supporting your kids on the field, Cuties also has videos here that can show you how to stay fit on the sidelines. Be a role model and show your children that staying healthy & active is important for all ages.

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