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Cal South E-News // January 2010 NUTRITION EDUCATION

January 29, 2010

Herbalife Independent Distributors Nutrition Education provided by Health and Wealth Group

Before, During and After Exercise

Before Exercise
What, when and how much you eat before exercise will affect your performance, strength and endurance.

When is the best time to eat before exercise?

Ideally, you should eat between 2 and 4 hours before training, leaving enough time for your stomach to settle so that you feel comfortable -- not too full and not too hungry. Clearly, the exact timing of your pre-exercise meal will depend on your daily schedule and the time of day you plan to train.

If you leave too long an interval between eating and training, you will be at risk of hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and this will certainly compromise your performance. You will fatigue earlier and, if you feel light-headed, risk injury too. On the other hand, training with steady blood glucose levels will allow you to train longer and harder.

During Exercise
During that first hour of exercise, most of your carbohydrate energy comes from muscle glycogen. After that, muscle glycogen stores dwindle quite significantly, so the exercising muscles must use carbohydrates from some other source. That's where blood sugar (glucose) comes into its own. As you continue exercising hard, the muscles take up more glucose from the bloodstream. Eventually, after 2-3 hours, your muscles will be fueled entirely by blood glucose and fat.

After Exercise
The length of time that it takes to refuel depends on four main factors:

  • How depleted your glycogen stores are after exercise
  • The extent of muscle damage
  • The amount and timing of carbohydrate you eat
  • Your training experience and fitness level

Training Experience
Efficiency in refueling improves automatically with training experience and raised fitness levels. Thus, it takes a beginner longer to replace his glycogen stores than an experienced athlete eating the same amount of carbohydrate. That's why elite sportspeople are able to train almost every day while beginners cannot and should not!

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