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Cal South E-News // November 2009 NUTRITION EDUCATION

November 15, 2009

Herbalife Independent Distributors Nutrition Education provided by Health and Wealth Group

Game Day Nutrition Tips

by Dr. Luigi Gratton, MD, M.P.H. Herbalife

"As a doctor and an athlete, I know how important it is to educate our children about nutrition and sports, so that they make better choices and establish healthy eating habits." Luigi Gratton, M.D., M.P.H. Herbalife

Herbalife and Cal South have teamed up for healthy and active kids. As the Official Nutrition Advisor to Cal South, Herbalife is committed to giving kids and athletes a healthy start.

Good nutrition helps a child's body operate at peak efficiency, fueling their performance whether they're on the soccer field or playground, or doing schoolwork. Here are a handful of helpful nutrition tips for use before, during and after the game:

• One way to avoid a sharp drop-off in performance is to make sure that your child avoids sugar. The high-sugar volume causes energy peaks and valleys.
• Have your child hydrate before the game, especially if he or she will be playing in hot weather. Eight to 10 glasses of water are recommended throughout the day.

• During activity, kids should rehydrate about every 20 minutes - or even more frequently if the weather is hot - to replace fluids they lose through sweating.
• Bring along H3O® Fitness Drink, which contains potassium and sodium (electrolytes that help the body absorb fluid), and carbohydrates to keep your child energized.
• Be alert for signs of dehydration, especially on a hot day. Signs include darker-colored urine, muscle cramping and light-headedness.

• Make sure that kids have a healthy snack with protein to satisfy hunger.
• Avoid high-sugar snacks such as candy bars, pudding, pastries and soda. There are plenty of healthy snacks, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and sunflower seeds, and protein bars, such as Herbalife Protein Bars Deluxe.

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