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Cal South E-News // February 2009

February 09, 2009

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There's no better way to take a huge leap in your coaching knowledge than by getting a VIP Coach Pass for Soccer Nation Expo 2009. Want to see world-class coaches teaching clinics while you take in everything in a reserved seating area? Want to see some of those same great coaches and more in exclusive VIP Sessions that only you and your fellow VIP Coach Pass holders can attend? Read all about the special sessions and find out how to get your VIP Coach Pass now... click for complete story

Velocity Sports Performance Training Tips
Changes Are Made In the Off-Season... How Will You Spend Yours? As the season winds up for the youngers, many coaches are contemplating what their team can improve on before next year. What would have extended their run through State Cup? How could some of those nagging injuries have been avoided? Often the answers are found in the off season. Speed matters in soccer. Fitness matters. Injuries change the make up of a team. Coaches and parents should take some time to contemplate how their athletes will spend the off season... click for complete story

FREE Cal South Online Parenting Course

Cal South and Sports Path, the leader in online sports education courses, have formally announced an agreement designed to help bring parental soccer education to the forefront. Through this partnership, Sports Path will provide a Cal South-branded course entitled "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer," which is free to Cal South members interested in furthering their soccer parenting education...click for complete story

NCSA Recruiting Corner

Are You A Division I Player? Most people want to play soccer at the highest level possible, but Division I soccer is not for everyone. It is extremely time-consuming year-round and you must be incredibly dedicated and disciplined to make it work. A Division I player is not made overnight. Division I athletes have been playing against top competition since they were very young. A great deal of time, energy and money has been spent on these athletes in order for them to be placed in the category of being the best... click for complete story

Refereeing in Cal South: Taking Your First Steps

When you see the referee and assistant referee out there on the soccer field, do you often wonder what type of preparation and training they receive? If the individual referees do not receive the proper training, they are not going to be prepared to make their next move in actually stepping out there onto a soccer field. Cal South, in connection with State Referee Committee, State Youth Referee Committee, and the individual referee associations throughout Southern California, offer many different styles of programs for these referees... click for complete story

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