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Cal South E-News // October 2008

October 09, 2008

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Fun Games for Under-8s (Pt. 7)
Juggling: P-E-L-E - Two or more players needed. The first player juggles one, the second player has to match. The first player then juggles two and the second player has to match again. The first player then juggles three and so on. When a player misses, the other player gets a letter - first P, then E, then L, then E... click for complete story

Velocity Sports Performance Training Tips
Developing Explosive and Injury Free Soccer Athletes, Part 2 of 3: In last month's newsletter, we built a foundation for a soccer athlete by focusing on three simple things to help with relative strength, unilateral strength and balance to prepare for this month's group of exercises. The goal by the end of next month's newsletter is to have an athlete who is more explosive with each step on the field and confident in changing directions without risk of injury... click for complete story

FREE Cal South Online Parenting Course

Cal South and Sports Path, the leader in online sports education courses, have formally announced an agreement designed to help bring parental soccer education to the forefront. Through this partnership, Sports Path will provide a Cal South-branded course entitled "Preparing Your Child for Youth Soccer," which is free to Cal South members interested in furthering their soccer parenting education.... click for complete story

NCSA Recruiting Corner

Is Playing Soccer at the Next Level Really for You?: Playing soccer in college is not a decision that should made lightly. Collegiate soccer is a much larger commitment than anything you have experienced before. Practices are longer, more intense and rougher. Not only that, more will be expected of you as a student-athlete than ever before. You will be on your own for the first time, in a new environment, with new people. This can be a challenge in itself... click for complete story

Laws of the Game: Ask the Referee

The USSF's National Referee Program office receives a multitude of inquiries regarding FIFA's Laws of the Game and numerous questions involving some often confusing rules and calls. Here is a quick sampling of recent topics and the resulting responses... click for complete story

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