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Cal South E-News // June 2008

June 09, 2008

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Fun Games for Under-8s (Pt. 3)
Give and Go: This one is good for getting the kids to move after they make a pass. It is appropriate for kids a little older who pass the ball but like to stop and really admire their better passes. Everyone spaces themselves around the center circle. Give the ball to one person and they call out someone's name and pass to them... click for complete story

Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness Essential to Every Sport
How important is speed? Far more important than most people realize! Team speed becomes an issue every time an opposing player takes down the sideline with the ball. How important is power? Ask the keeper any time the opposing team takes a corner kick. How important is reaction time? Ask the defender who was able to clear that same corner kick. American football reinforces the importance of Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness... click for complete story

Developing A Positive Relationship With Officials (Pt. 2)

Unfortunately, parents are driving new referees out of the game in increasing numbers. This is bad for the game and for the kids who have had their self-esteem battered by abusive parents. The percentage of those who are trained and drop out of officiating within one year is staggering... click for complete story

Why We Need to Teach Our Children About Money
There's a lot for kids to learn about money. Mastering concepts like earning, spending, saving and investing don't come easy, even for many adults. While the subject matter is an important life lesson for our children, financial literacy is often overlooked in schools. That leaves the parents in charge of teaching their kids about money... click for complete story

NCSA Recruiting Corner

NAIA Schools in California: In the State of California there are roughly 23 colleges and universities which are members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). NAIA institutions focus on character building as each member institution provides close-knit communities, small class sizes, and centers on the education and development of each individual student-athlete... click for complete story

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