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Cal South E-News // May 2006

May 09, 2006

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Shooting for Goals

With the hectic schedule of spring soccer, State Cup and National Cup coming to a close, now is the time for coaches and players to reflect on the past and set goals for future development......
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Being the Matchmaker
Finding the Right Club/Program
You've just bought a new car. It's your pride and joy and sits in your driveway. Suddenly, knocking on your door is a complete stranger.....
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What Separates Leaders from Followers
People are afraid to become leaders because the role demands visibility and vulnerability. Even people already in leadership positions often shirk :...
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Important Information About Division I & II Initial-Eligibility Requirements and Changes
The Division I and Division II initial-eligibility requirements have changed......
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Laws of the Game - Continued
This month we continue to examine the 17 fundamental laws of the game that form the foundation of all refereeing. We will look at laws 9 through12. ..... click for complete story

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