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Cal South E-News // June 2006

June 09, 2006

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Coach, Are You Nurturing?

If you were walking on a dusty road in small town America in the 1800s, it would not be uncommon for you to notice a small gathering of people around a brightly covered wagon. As you drew closer, you would hear a man, dressed in a borrowed Indian buckskin, proclaiming that his magical wonder elixir could cure anything that ailed you. One sip of his elixir and you would enjoy a state of health never thought possible before...
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Fitting In: Getting Involved With Your Child's Program
Ask the majority of volunteers in grassroots soccer how they became involved with the game, and they are all likely to tell a similar story of becoming involved as a way of supporting their child...
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Employees Give "Props" to Best Bosses
Tired of negativity at work? Okay, here are some good things employees have to say about their bosses ... click for complete story

Next Step... Registering With the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse
In order to participate in athletics and receive athletically-based financial aid, you must register with the NCAA...
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Laws of the Game - Continued
This month we continue to examine the 17 fundamental laws of the game that form the foundation of all refereeing. We will look at laws 13 through14... click for complete story

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