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Cal South E-News | January 2013 PERFORMANCE TRAINING

January 23, 2013

PERFORMANCE TRAINING content provided by CB3 Sports Performance

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Recovery and Regeneration Strategies

by Jay Mathews | CB3 Sports Performance

Recovery and regeneration involve finding the most effective and efficient way to get your body ready for the next session, whether that is for practice or games.

The author demonstrating IT band rolling using a
soccer ball in place of a foam roll.

Recovery begins as soon as the game or practice session is over. Ways to maximize recovery include: the cool down, nutrition, stretching, foam rolling or massage, ice baths/ hot tubs, sleep and more. Each strategy has its own merits, as well as shortcomings. Ultimately, it is based on your training and game schedule, what is available to your team and how you can implement that strategy that will determine which you should utilize.

Because of the demand of the schedule, lesser resources, and lack of facility, our youth athletes often have to make due with little or no attention paid to recovery.

What can you implement with your team? You have to take stock of what you have available from a budget standpoint, equipment, space, and time to name a few. Once you have this idea, you can plan appropriately for your recovery time, especially if it is over a tournament weekend or if it is just during the training week.

Recovery between matches over a tournament weekend provides an even greater challenge. Players are dealing with decreased time between games, muscle soreness and fatigue, a decreased hydration status, limited time/availability for proper nutrition, and a disrupted sleep pattern.

See below for an outline of recovery for a tournament weekend:

The author demonstrating calf rolling using a soccer ball in place of a foam roll.

Timeline Cool-down Stretch Foam Roll Ice Bath Nutrition/Hydration Sleep
Post-game Recommended method involves 12-15 minutes of continuous jog at ~60% Max Heart Rate. Active-Dynamic stretch, similar to warm-up, but less intense. At night, can perform static stretch prior to bed. Focus on areas that may be sore. Roll ~1"/second and pause on tight spots. Utilize a soccer ball if you do not have access to a foam roll. If able, in between games or at night, 10-12 minutes in 50-55 F degree water. Within 20-30 minutes after activity, consume a 4:1 carb-to-protein drink (chocolate milk is a great source here). If able, weigh yourself before and after games and replenish lost weight with electrolyte drink, such as Gatorade. If there is time between games, take a 60-90 minute nap. If not, make sure you get a full night sleep, at least 9 hours.
Pre-game n/a Active dynamic warm-up. Allow more time if 2nd game of day. Quick activation of muscles prior to warm-up, ~5 minutes. n/a Eat 2-3 hours before game. Hydrate throughout day and consume 20 oz. of fluid 2-3 hours before game, and 10 oz. 15-20 minutes before game. n/a

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