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Cal South E-News | October 2012

October 23, 2012


Welcome to the Cal South E-News for October 2012

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Provided by CB3 Sports Performance Training
Gaining a Better Understanding of the Core: What is the core? How do we define it and how do we train it? There are as many definitions of the core as there are ways to train it. Instead of trying to define one answer to what the core is, we choose an approach that integrates all the functions of the core and then incorporates those functions into the movement patterns we train...
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COACHING EDUCATION - Featured Lesson Plan
Provided by the Cal South Coaches Association | Created on SportSessionPlanner.com
Attacking - Technique: A coaching education lesson plan presented by the Cal South Coaches Association. Four different set-ups involving small sides with a concentration on maintaining possession in a variety of scenarios and ultimately creating greater scoring opportunities...
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Provided by Cal South State Referee Committee
Ask Our Referees: Have a question regarding the Laws of the Game or about a confusing rule or call? Send an email to editor@calsouth.com and we will have a member of the Cal South State Referee Committee answer it for you. Here is this month's response...
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Provided by Nancy Clark, MS RD CSSD
How to Eat Well for Soccer: I'm in high school and am just beginning a soccer program. I have decent nutritional habits, but what I want to know is now that I'm exercising more, should I change my eating habits? And if I do, what types of foods should I emphasize and what should I eat less of...?
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