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Cal South E-News | September 2012 PERFORMANCE TRAINING

September 20, 2012


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CB3 Sports Performance

What is Sports Performance Training?

by Jay Mathews | CB3 Sports Performance

Sports performance training is a relatively new concept in the sports industry. It goes by many names: sports performance training, performance enhancement, speed training, strength, conditioning, and fitness. We owe a great deal of our knowledge in this area to performance coaches like Mark Verstegen, Mike Boyle, Jim Liston, Gary Gray, Paul Chek - just to name a few. These coaches showed us that we can train athletes, not just as a player in their sport, but as a total athlete, while still considering the needs of the sport they play.

What is sport performance training? At CB3, sports performance training is a concept of building better athletes. We do this by training athleticism, identifying injury risks and faulty movement patterns, correcting movements and increasing an athlete's ability to perform the movements of their sport. Concepts of speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness, mobility, stability, strength, endurance, balance, regeneration and recovery are all performance pillars of athleticism, and this is how we build programs.

We also consider the needs and history of the individual athlete and/or the team. By having a thorough understanding of the needs of the athlete, the demands of the sport, the demands of training, and the ability to manipulate training variables, we can design the most appropriate program for any athlete.

Jay Mathews demonstrating a footwork exercise, focusing on speed, agility, and quickness.

Why do athletes need it? We have seen an evolution in athletes in all sports and sports performance training has evolved to enhance the skills and abilities of these athletes. Athletes and teams have incorporated sports performance training into their daily training schedules and have found it to be a valuable addition to keep players healthy, and to improve performance in their sport. Sports performance training with CB3 allows the athlete to experience training sessions that are similar to what teams and clubs are doing at higher levels throughout the world. Second, they gain a better understanding of movement patterns and how their bodies move and how they can adapt and improve the performance pillars mentioned above. CB3 sports performance training not only focuses on improving performance, but there is an injury prevention component built in to the program. Lastly, athletes will have the opportunity to develop their athleticism, with the end goal being improved performance on the field.

Jay Mathews instructing Carlos Bocanegra on a full body exercise focusing
on mobility, core and upper body strength, and balance.
What should you consider when looking for a sports performance coach? Sports performance enhancement programs should be designed by qualified professionals. Coaches should have a degree in a kinesiology or movement science related field (exercise science, exercise physiology, athletic training, etc.). It is also recommended that they have an appropriate certification from an accredited organization, such as the National Athletic Trainers Association, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine to name a few.
Performance coaches should work closely with the individuals and teams to find out their needs, understand their training and game schedule, and how to incorporate a performance program that will be beneficial to the athletes.

About CB3 Sports Performance:

CB3 is a multi-sport training center focusing on sports performance programs for every athlete and soccer skills coaching. Carlos Bocanegra, Captain of the 2010 USA World Cup Team, has brought his passion and love sport back to the I.E. Carlos has brought together a team of top level professional coaches and trainers to help train you to improve your skills and athletic ability. The mission of CB3 Sports Performance and Soccer Academy is to provide an elite level environment through coaching, fitness, and performance to empower the athlete to reach their ultimate potential. The building blocks to success at CB3 are built on the principles of Dedication, Determination, and Discipline. For more information, visit http://cb3sportsperformance.com/.