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Cal South E-News | September 2012 COACHING EDUCATION

September 20, 2012

Featured Lesson Plan: Passing

by Cal South

Soccer Marbles


• Each player, with a ball at their feet, moving in the restricted grid with dimensions of 20x25 yards. Players are organized in pairs.


• Pairs of players compete against one another by attempting to pass their ball and strike their partner's ball.


• Attempt to pass the ball at a stationary ball.
• Attempt to strike your partner's ball as they dribble throughout the playing area.
• Attempt to knock your partner's ball out of the playing area.

Coaching Points:

• Quality and specific mechanics of striking a ball for accuracy and pace.
• Quality and disguise passing.



• Divide the team into two groups. Set up 6-8 windows arranged randomly throughout the training grid. Each window is approximately 1-2 yards wide.


• The two teams compete to score points by dribbling through a window.


• Score by passing the ball through a window.
• Score by passing the ball to a teammate on the opposite side of the window.

Coaching Points:

• Mobility and support among teammates.
• Quality and disguise dribbling (changing pace, directions, etc.)
• Quality and disguise in passing.

4 vs. 4 Target Game


• Two teams play 4 vs. 4 within the boundaries of the grid. A third team of four serve as "targets" behind each set of balls. The target's role is to return the ball to the serving team on the first touch (or second touch, depending upon the ability level). Each team plays 3-4 balls on top of field marker disc on each endline.


• Each team tries to displace the other team's balls from the top of the disc. The three teams rotate from a competing role to "target" role on the coach's command.

Coaching Point:

• Accuracy pace and quality of passing mechanics.

4 vs. 4


• Two teams play 4 vs. 4 on a 25x20 yard field. Use goalkeepers and modified goals.

Coaching Points:

• Accuracy, pace, and quality of passing mechanics.
• Group shape to reflect essential principles of attack: width, depth, support, and mobility of players and the ball.
• Emphasize effect group attacking shape: triangle (3) and diamond (4).

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