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Cal South E-News | June 2012

June 20, 2012


Image from Cal South's YM1 Instructor Training Day on June 9 in Irvine | Photo credit: Cal South
Welcome to the Cal South E-News for June 2012
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Provided by National Collegiate Scouting Association
Are You Searching for the Right Schools and Programs That Fit You? Many soccer players aspire to play at the next level after college, which leads many of them to search and choose institutions based solely on the soccer program. A student-athlete has to remember it's about getting an education first...
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Provided by the Cal South Coaches Association
Team Building: Who Will Benefit from a Team Approach? Whenever two or more people work together in some activity of common interest or benefit, working together as a team will be rewarding and productive. Discover the twelve characteristics that all great teams have in common...
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Provided by Selina Lai, M.S., R.D.
Summer Time Breakfast…Make it fresh and fast! We think that summer time will give us a break in meal planning. We hope that our kids are a little less busy. But is that what really happens? NO! My kids are busier than ever for the first month of summer! With camps and summer school, we are up earlier than ever...
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Provided by Cal South Referee Education
Ask the Cal South State Referee Committee: Have a question regarding the Laws of the Game or about a confusing rule or call? Send an email to editor@calsouth.com and we will have a member of the Cal South State Referee Committee answer it for you. Here is this month's response...
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