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May 22, 2012

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Principles of Defense

By Steve Hoffman, Cal South Director of Coaching and Player Development

Organization Objectives Key Coaching Points
8 players: 3 to 4 balls
Each player passes a ball and applies pressure using the correct angle and speed.
Groups of two with one player defending a line. Rotate after each pass.
Always start with transition.
1. Show direction
2. Angle of approach
3. Speed of approach
4. Delay
5. Keep the player in front of you
6. Transition
• 1v1 to one goal: Coach serves a ball in to attacking player who tries to penetrate and shoot on goal. After the attacker shoots, they become the GK and the GK becomes an attacker.
• 2v2 to one goal: Add a covering player and a second attacking player and repeat as above.
1. Approach and speed of the pressuring run
2. Try to win the ball; if not, then delay attacker.
3. Add a second defender and forward, creating a 2v2 game.
• 5v5: Game with a halfway line and with goalkeepers
Teams play 3:2 + GK in two zones
Players can cross the zone when they pass an entry ball into the attacking third. This will create 1v1 opportunities.
1. When the pressuring defender gives a visual cue, the rest of his teammates will react to the ball.
2. By having a halfway line restriction, an attacking player will enter over the halfway line, which will create even numbers and give all players the chance to defend.
• 5v5: Game with goalkeepers
No restrictions