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Cal South E-News | May 2012

May 22, 2012


Welcome to the Cal South E-News for May 2012
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Provided by National Collegiate Scouting Association
4 Ways to Stand Out in the Recruiting Process: When there over 700,000 athletes playing high school soccer throughout the United States and less than 65,000 going on to compete in college, you will have to work very hard to make yourself stand out from the rest. Here are some key ways to accomplish this...
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Provided by the Cal South Coaches Association
Principles of Defense: The Cal South Coaches Association brings advanced training and exclusive lessons to any coach wishing to expand their coaching education horizons. This month's featured lesson plan is a special session created by Cal South Director of Coaching and Player Development Steve Hoffman...
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Provided by Nancy Clark, MS RD
Sleep, Weight and Performance: Don't Skimp on the ZZZZZs: Sleep is a biological necessity. Don't skimp! Sleep is restorative and is needed to align circadian rhythms. Sleep deprivation erodes well being. Speaking at the SCAN Sports Nutrition Conference, Allison Weiss BS reported that Americans are sleeping less than they used to sleep...
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Provided by Cal South Referee Education
Ask the Cal South State Referee Committee: Have a question regarding the Laws of the Game or about a confusing rule or call? Send an email to editor@calsouth.com and we will have a member of the Cal South State Referee Committee answer it for you. Here is this month's response...
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Provided by US Youth Soccer & Responsible Sports
On The Team? A Responsible Sports Approach To Tryouts: With the spring sport season kicking off around the country, the topic of tryouts is in the air. El Paso Times (Texas) writer Wayne Thornton described a scene that is all too familiar to many of us: Kids try out for their favorite team, putting in the hard work and sweat, trying to demonstrate their talents for the coach...
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