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December 15, 2011


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NCSA Athletic Recruiting

Top 5 Actions to Avoid in the Recruiting Process

There are many actions you can take that will negatively affect your recruiting. Always do what you can to avoid these actions:

  1. Waiting for a coach to reach out to you: No matter your athletic strength, you must be proactive in the recruiting process. You should constantly be researching schools and contacting schools of interest. If you wait for coaches to reach out to you, you will be losing out on a great deal of opportunities.
  2. Having your parents take over your recruiting process: Coaches will potentially want to recruit you, not your parents. If you allow your parents to contact coaches on your behalf and essentially take over your recruiting, be aware that it is one of the fastest ways for a coach to lose interest in you as a recruit.
  3. Writing sloppy emails to coaches: Take your time when contacting coaches. Never rush through an email and always proofread your work, just like you would for a school assignment. You need to always strive to make a good impression with every coach with whom you come into contact. Taking this step is an easy way to achieve that goal.
  4. Waiting too long to respond to a coach contact: Always respond to a coach in a timely manner. If you take too long to respond back to a coach, they will think you aren't interested in their school or aren't very serious about competing at the next level. If you were interested in their school, you would have responded right away; that will be their thought process. Always try to respond back to a coach within 72 hours of their original contact.
  5. Ignoring contacts from coaches: You should always avoid burning any bridges during your recruiting process. If you ignore a contact from a coach, you give them a reason to speak and think negatively of you. Coaches are friends with other coaches all over the country and you never want your name to be brought up in a negative manner. Even if you receive a contact from a school you aren't interested in, you should give them the respect of responding back to them.

If you avoid these 5 actions, you will be on your way to having a successful recruiting process.

About NCSA:
NCSA Athletic Recruiting changes lives by building leaders through sports and connecting four key communities involved in the college athletic recruitment process: qualified high school student-athletes and their families, high school coaches and athletic directors, college coaches, and professional partners such as the NFLPA, ESPN, and more. NCSA is the leading collegiate recruiting source for more than 200,000 student-athletes and 35,000 college coaches across the country. By taking advantage of this extensive network, more than 90% of NCSA Athletic Recruiting-verified athletes go on to play at the collegiate level. In addition, NCSA educates over 4 million athletes and their parents about the recruiting process each year through educational resources on its website,www.ncsasports.org, presentations of the critically acclaimed seminar "College Recruiting Simplified," and the book from NCSA Athletic Recruiting, "Athletes Wanted."