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Cal South E-News | December 2011

December 15, 2011


In the photo above:
The MLS Cup (escorted by the LA Galaxy Street Team) paid a visit to the
Cal South Corporate Office staff just after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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Provided by National Collegiate Scouting Association
Top 5 Actions to Avoid in the Recruiting Process: There are many actions you can take that will negatively affect your recruiting. If you avoid these 5 actions, you will be on your way to having a successful recruiting process...
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Provided by US Youth Soccer
Team Building - Who Will Benefit from a Team Approach?: Whenever two or more people work together in some activity of common interest or benefit, working together as a team will be rewarding and productive. Follow these twelve important characteristics to strengthen your team's approach to the game...
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Provided by Nancy Clark, MS RD
Winter Nutrition - Fueling for Cold Weather Exercise: If you take time off from soccer to enjoy winter sports, you want to pay careful attention to your sports diet. Otherwise, lack of food and fluids can take the fun out of your outdoor activities. These tips can to help you fuel wisely for cold weather workouts...
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Provided by U.S. Soccer
Ask A Referee: The USSF's National Referee Program office receives a multitude of inquiries regarding FIFA's Laws of the Game and numerous questions involving some often confusing rules and calls. Here is a quick sampling of recent topics and the resulting responses...
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Provided by US Youth Soccer & Responsible Sports Parenting
Why We Play - Getting on the Same Page with Our Kids: Why do your children want to play youth sports? Why do they want to participate? Once you consider those answers and recognize where you and your child agree and differ, you can establish common ground for conversations that will help you and your child get what you want from youth sports...
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