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Cal South E-News | November 2011

November 17, 2011


Welcome to the Cal South E-News for November 2011
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Provided by National Collegiate Scouting Association
NARROWING DOWN YOUR LIST: If you haven't done so already, you will soon be in the position to make your final decision on where you will be attending college for the next four years. Many of you are currently speaking with multiple coaches and may even have several offers on the table. The most challenging part of the recruiting process is complete; you have coaches who want you to play for their soccer program and you have schools that you would like to attend. Now the hard part becomes choosing between them...
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Provided by NSCAA
HOW TO MAKE DRILLS WORK: There are a few simple guidelines for developing coaching exercises. Books devoted to drills rarely satisfy the particular needs of a coach, and at best can only point the coach in the right direction. Some of the best and most effective drills for your team may be those you create to address the specific needs of your team. I would like to present a few rules to help a coach in this process...
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Provided by Nancy Clark MS RD
WANT TO BE ON A WINNING TEAM? Team sports are fun. Whether you are a member of a soccer team, running club or pick-up basketball team, the culture of team sports can easily lead to post-game food feasts and a sub-optimal sports diet. Sure, part of team fun is food, but think twice and make sure you celebrate with functional foods that will improve team performance!
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Provided by U.S. Soccer
ASK A REFEREE: The USSF's National Referee Program office receives a multitude of inquiries regarding FIFA's Laws of the Game and numerous questions involving some often confusing rules and calls. Here is a quick sampling of recent topics and the resulting responses...
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Provided by Cal South
CODES OF CONDUCT: Several years ago, Cal South established a Code of Conduct outline for players, coaches, parents and spectators. Similarly, referees are expected to follow a long-standing Code of Ethics established by the U.S. Soccer Federation, their direct governing body. This is a good time to remind ourselves of the appropriate conduct that all Cal South members, no matter their role, should take into consideration whenever they are attending or participating in a soccer match....
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