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Cal South E-News | October 2011 COLLEGE PLANNING

October 19, 2011


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How Do You Find A School That's Right For You?

Many factors and people will influence your college decision, but you need to remember that the choice is yours. Don't let distractions impact your decision and always keep your needs and wants in mind. You are the person who will be attending the school and playing soccer there for four years, so you need to be the person who is deciding what type of school is going to be a good fit. Your parents are going to play a large role, but it should ultimately be your decision.

Your teammates, friends and significant others may all try to influence your college decision as well; don't let them. This is a time in your life when you need to be selfish and really think about what you want and what will be best for you. All of those people will remain a part of your life, but if you base your college decision off of them in any way, you will most likely regret it.

The earlier you start thinking about what you want in a college or university, the better. You should research colleges and universities to determine what is going to make you happy. No one else can do this for you. Is it the location of the school? Academic reputation? Size of the school? Level of play? These are some factors to consider when researching schools. Figure out what is important to you and what the most important attributes in a school are going to be.

You will ultimately need to feel comfortable with the coach you choose to play for. Hopefully your parents will have the same feeling, but you are the one who will be playing for him or her so it is more important for you to have a good relationship with the coach. When you are on campus visits, ask yourself if you could see yourself on campus and playing for that team. When you select a college you should choose the one where you had a gut feeling that you belonged. You should be able to picture yourself on campus and being happy there. You should feel confident that you will not only succeed at that school athletically, but academically and socially as well.

Listen to your instincts and you will make the right decision; don't let any distractions interfere.

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