Cal South Committee Members

Cal South Board of Directors
Cal South Corporate Directory

  Executive Committee
Derek Barraza [Chair] Ken Goldman
Roy Carlson Lila Smith
Brett Wood Sue Abadie
Rick Velasco  John Weinerth
  Risk Management Committee
Lila Smith [Chair] Roy Carlson
Luca Pacelli Sue Abadie
Christie Paulson Alely Cruz [Staff Liaison]  
  Finance Committee
Ken Goldman [Chair] Roy Carlson
Mark Flahan Luca Pacelli
  John Weinerth [Staff Liaison]
  Protest, Appeals & Disciplinary Committee
Christie Paulson [Chair] Roy Carlson
Lila Smith Cindy Quan 
  Alely Cruz [Staff Liaison]
  Personnel Committee
Derek Barraza [Chair] Ken Goldman
Brett Wood Lila Smith
  Sue Abadie John Weinerth [Staff Liaison]  
  Audit Committee
Rick Velasco [Chair] Lila Smith
Cindy Quan  Humberto Jara
Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]
  Bylaws, Policies & Rules Committee
Luca Pacelli [Chair] Jack Larkin
Mark Flahan Humberto Jara
Steve Marquez [Staff Liaison]
  TOPSoccer Committee
Sandy Castillo [Chair] Lila Smith
Sue Abadie Luca Pacelli
Bill Lewis [Staff Liaison]
  Hall of Fame Committee
Roy Carlson [Chair] Ken Goldman
Jack Larkin Christie Paulson
Steve Hoffman [Staff Liaison]
  Governance Committee  
Rick Velasco [Chair] Roy Carlson
Luca Pacelli Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]
  Nominations Committee  
Jack Larkin [Chair] Luca Pacelli
Humberto Jara Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]
  Player Release & Transfer Appeals Task Force  
Cindy Quan [Chair] Jack Larkin
Christie Paulson Steve Marquez [Staff Liaison]
  License Coach Requirement Task Force  
Steve Hoffman [Chair & Staff Liaison] Mark Flahan
Luca Pacelli Sue Abadie
  Adult Soccer Task Force
Brett Wood [Chair] Roy Carlson
Mark Flahan Luca Pacelli
Luis Salcedo [Staff Liaison]
  State Cup Subsidies Task Force  
Ken Goldman [Chair] Luca Pacelli
Sue Abadie Jack Larkin
Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]
  Recreation Soccer Task Force  
Doug Knarr [Chair] Rick Velasco
Mark Flahan   Sue Abadie
Jack Larkin     Cindy Quan 
Toni DeCarlo  Luis Salcedo [Staff Liaison]
  Technical Committee Task Force   
Rick Velasco [Chair] Luca Pacelli
Mark Skeen Mark Thacker
Steve Marquez [Staff Liaison]
 Communications Task Force  
Derek Barraza [Chair] Rick Velasco
Lila Smith Luca Pacelli
Sue Abadie Bob Turner
Doug Knarr Bill Lewis [Staff Liaison]
 Sanctioned Tournaments Staff Committee  
  State Tournaments Staff Committee  
David Lamb Luca Pacelli 
  Jack Larkin  Christie Paulson 
Craig Mues Sue Abadie
  Referee Staff Committee  
George Noujaim [Chair] Mark Flahan
Humberto Jara
  Coaching Staff Committee  
  Steve Hoffman [Chair]   Roy Carlson
Jack Larkin Humberto Jara
Urban Soccer Task Force
Nelson Handel [Chair] Joseph Mailander
Mike Herman Humberto Jara