Cal South Committee Members

Cal South Board of Directors
Cal South Corporate Directory

  Executive Committee

Derek Barraza [Chair] Ken Goldman
Roy Carlson Lila Smith
Brett Wood Sue Abadie
Rick Velasco 

  Risk Management Committee

Lila Smith [Chair] Roy Carlson
Luca Pacelli Sue Abadie
Christie Paulson Lisa Wolfs [Staff Liaison]  

  Finance Committee

Ken Goldman [Chair] Roy Carlson
Luca Pacelli

  Protest, Appeals & Disciplinary Committee

Christie Paulson [Chair] Roy Carlson
Lila Smith Cindy Quan 
  Lisa Wolfs [Staff Liaison]

  Personnel Committee

Derek Barraza [Chair] Ken Goldman
Brett Wood Lila Smith
  Sue Abadie

  Audit Committee

Rick Velasco [Chair] Lila Smith
Cindy Quan  Humberto Jara
Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]

  Bylaws, Policies & Rules Committee

Luca Pacelli [Chair] Jack Larkin
Humberto Jara Steve Marquez [Staff Liaison]

  TOPSoccer Committee

Sandy Castillo [Chair] Lila Smith
Sue Abadie Luca Pacelli

  Hall of Fame Committee

Roy Carlson [Chair] Ken Goldman
Jack Larkin Christie Paulson
Steve Hoffman [Staff Liaison]

  Governance Committee  

Rick Velasco [Chair] Roy Carlson
Luca Pacelli Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]

  Nominations Committee  

Jack Larkin [Chair] Luca Pacelli
Humberto Jara Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]

  Player Release & Transfer Appeals Task Force  

Cindy Quan [Chair] Jack Larkin
Christie Paulson Steve Marquez [Staff Liaison]

  License Coach Requirement Task Force  

Steve Hoffman [Chair & Staff Liaison] Sue Abadie
Luca Pacelli

  Adult Soccer Task Force

Brett Wood [Chair] Roy Carlson
Luca Pacelli Luis Salcedo [Staff Liaison]

  State Cup Subsidies Task Force  

Ken Goldman [Chair] Luca Pacelli
Sue Abadie Jack Larkin
Adrian Marquez [Staff Liaison]

  Recreation Soccer Task Force  

Doug Knarr [Chair] Rick Velasco
  Cindy Quan    Sue Abadie
Jack Larkin     Toni DeCarlo 
Luis Salcedo [Staff Liaison]

  Technical Committee Task Force   

Rick Velasco [Chair] Luca Pacelli
Mark Skeen Mark Thacker
Steve Marquez [Staff Liaison]

 Communications Task Force  

Derek Barraza [Chair] Rick Velasco
Lila Smith Luca Pacelli
Sue Abadie Bob Turner
Doug Knarr

 Sanctioned Tournaments Staff Committee  


  State Tournaments Staff Committee  

David Lamb Luca Pacelli 
  Jack Larkin  Christie Paulson 
Craig Mues Sue Abadie

  Referee Staff Committee  

George Noujaim [Chair] Humberto Jara

  Coaching Staff Committee  

  Steve Hoffman [Chair]   Roy Carlson
Jack Larkin Humberto Jara

Urban Soccer Task Force

Derek Barraza [Chair] Joseph Mailander
Mike Herman Humberto Jara