Coaching License Level: "E" License

"E" License

The "E" License is an entry-level course which is mandatory for all Cal South competitive coaches. This 18-hour course combines field and classroom instruction in intermediate coaching and teaching methodology. This is a pass/fail course.


• Methods of coaching - long-term athletic development; the basic stage; training design and planning, etc.
• Team administration and risk management
• Prevention and care of injuries
• Coaching technique
• Coaching tactics
• Laws of the Game
• Principles of attack and defense
• Small-sided games
• Concussion awareness


• USSF "F" License.  For information on registering and completing the USSF "F" License click HERE.

• Minimum age - 16 years old

Pre-Course Assignments:

• Pre-course assignments 1 through 4. All pre-course assignments must be turned in to the lead instructor at the beginning of the first day.

• All candidates must watch the USSF "E" License Methods 1 & 2 prior to attendance of the course.
• For more information, visit here

Course Length: 18 hours of instruction + 3 hours of pre-course work

• 6 hours classroom
• 12 hours field 


• Written and field.
• It takes 2 weeks to receive your course results via email.


• $135 per person

All Candidates will receive a Nike t-shirt at a retail value of $30.

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