Cost and Duration of Coaching Courses

License Level Cost Duration
Online Youth Module 1 (YM1) Course FREE 3 hours
Youth Module 1 (YM1) Course
Mandatory for all U9 and younger Recreational Coaches
$15 3 hours
Youth Module 3 (YM3) Course
Mandatory for all Recreational Coaches coaching U10 and older
$15 5 hours
US Soccer "E" License Course
Mandatory for all Competitive Coaches
$95   22 hours
US Soccer "D" License Course
Recommended for all Competitive Coaches Coaching U15 and older
$295 40 hours
US Soccer "D" Re-Test $50 18 hours
National Youth License Course TBD 6 days
"C", "B", and "A" National License Courses TBD 9 days
Recreational Soccer Clinics FREE 2-3 hours

A participant's league or club may agree to help defray the cost of the clinics. Affiliate Member leagues and clubs can host YM1 and YM3 Modules. All U.S. Soccer "E" and "D" License courses are scheduled through the Cal South Coaching Education department.

Candidates must come prepared with the following items:

•Completed pre-course work if required
• A Soccer ball
• Proper soccer clothing
• Water
• Pencil/pen and paper to take notes
• Sunblock is highly recommended for weekend sessions
• Shinguards (for field sessions)

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