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Cal South Coaching Education Program Overview
Over 60,000 coaches have attended Cal South licensing courses. The objective of the coaching licensing curriculum is to provide all soccer coaches, from the beginner to the advanced, with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge, so that coaches in Southern California can help ensure that players develop towards their fullest potential.

Designed to meet the needs of today's modern youth soccer coach, Cal South has established a comprehensive Coaching Education Program that offers a U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF)-approved curriculum of courses for the "F", "E", and "D" licenses.

Through this effort, Cal South provides:

• A program in which coaches can earn state and national coaching credentials
• A system which improves a coach's knowledge of the game, methodology, and teaching methods
• Valuable information and current coaching trends state-wide, nationally, and internationally

All courses are taught by U.S. Soccer-approved staff coaches who hold a National Coaching License. "D" Clinic instructors hold either an "A" or "B" National Coaching License. A list is maintained at the State Office and also posted and updated on our website and on US Soccer's website. For additional information, please contact US Soccer at (312)808-1300, or e-mail

The "E" and "D" courses are also offered in Spanish. For assistance registering for a Cal South course, contact Coaching Education at (714) 778-2972, or email

The Philosophy of the Coaching Education Program
To help you gain the most information from the courses, staff coaches teach the essentials of soccer in an optimal way. All candidates can choose to participate actively in field sessions. Approximately two-thirds of each course is comprised of field sessions and the remaining one-third as lectures. The intensity of the field sessions is directly related to the level of the course. The higher the course, the more hours required on the field.

A minimum of 15 participants must be pre-registered for any course at least five days prior to the start of the class; otherwise, the course will be canceled.

To see a list of available Cal South coaching courses,  click here.