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How to Make a Highlight Video
College coaches want to see prospective student-athletes play, in person, period.  The first way to peak a coach’s interest, however, is by video.  The proper highlight video accompanied with a letter or profile will create more interest in a student-athlete than a coach just happening to see a game on his or her own.  The following are general guidelines for how to create a quality highlight video.

Give an introduction: 
Include your name, high school graduation year, high school attended, club team name, jersey number, and position played.  This section should take no longer than 30 seconds.  Music is not necessary and does not enhance your skill level.

Game Footage:

What coaches look for in game footage:

Additional Video:
For Field Players – Show the following skills from ground level: technical skills (juggling – foot, thigh, head; dribbling – perform an activity that demonstrates change of speed and direction); running ability (40 yard dash, 20 yard ladder).

For Goalkeepers – Video from the ground level (views from behind the goal can also be helpful).  The session should cover the following aspects: shot handling – low, medium, and high shots – driven; footwork and mobility – getting from post to post; crosses from the end line – catching and boxing; dealing with long services from the middle of the field – timing and quickness off line; diving ability – low, medium, and high balls; ability to cover shots – underneath, crossbar.

To view an edited NCSA video, called a Virtual Tryout, visit  In the library section you will be able to view multiple soccer Virtual Tryouts. 

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